Mystery Surrounding Karla Alvarez’ Death Deepens

Karla Alvarez Death

While initials reports about the death of telenovela star Karla Alvarez stated simply that she had died of respiratory failure, a man claiming to be her husband soon emerged saying that she had choked to death.

The man, who is named Antonio D’Agostino, claimed that he was with her when she died and that she choked on some quesadillas that she was eating.

D’Agostino then proceeded to say that he had married Alvarez in February.  However, others, such as Alvarez’ father, Carlos Alvarez, said that he was a fraud.  “Antonio is a charlatan.  Don’t believe him, they are just lies,”  he told the press.  Felipe Najera, an actor who was one of the few of Karla’s co-workers to attend her funeral, also told the press he was lying about their marital status.  “He wasn’t her husband, but he was her partner,”  he said.

After D’Agostino was pressed about their relationship via Facebook, however, he took back his previous statement, saying that they were never married, they were friends.

But, if D’Agostino was lying about their being married, fans are now asking was he also lying about how she died?

When Alvarez’ father was asked about the cause of her death, he said that the cause of death was not yet known and they they still do not have a death certificate.

The reports which initially came out said that she had died of respiratory arrest.  However, Alvarez had been dogged for years by rumors of alcoholism and an eating disorder, so many have speculated that these factors might have played a role her death.

Earlier in the year, Alvarez was forced to leave her last telenovela, Qué Bonito Amor, amid rumors that she was let go because of her addictions.

Alvarez was found dead in her Mexico City home on Friday morning by her maid.

Speaking to the press, Alvarez’s father thanked her fans for their support, but requested that they respect his privacy as he mourned his daughter’s death.

Alvarez’ ex-husband, Alexis Ayala, also spoke out regarding her death. telling the newspaper Reforma, “Hopefully she has gone in peace, and that her family is well. We had many years of not seeing each other, but I will always remember her as someone who was a large part of my life.”

By Nancy Schimelpfening


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