iPad Air May Leave Some Apple Enthusiasts Disappointed

Expectations may have fallen short of hype

iPad Air May Leave Some Apple Enthusiasts Disappointed
Without a doubt, people all over the world will be asking Santa for the new iPad Air for Christmas. Apple’s latest device, however, may leave some enthusiasts disappointed. Millions will be ripping open packages in anticipation of finding that specific item under the tree Christmas morning, despite the rather disappointing sale after its initial release. On Nov. 1, Apple Inc. released its fifth generation tablet device. It is being considered the best and most superior Apple device to date, which most likely surprises no one as Apple always outdoes itself each time it releases a new product, delighting gadget junkies from all walks of life. The apps, bells, and whistles are better than ever, giving every techie more bang for their buck as they delve into the iPad Air world. They will immerse themselves in bigger screens and over-the-top functions. This gadget simply outdoes its predecessors by being 22%  lighter but still weighing in at approximately a pound, and measuring only 7.5 mm in thickness with beveled edges for better handling. It also sports speakers that deliver sound in stereo.

Just a few of the features that will be tantalizing gadget geeks and the normal person include:

-A screen measuring 9.7 inches with LCD display

-A multi-touch screen which will give high definition picture as you watch videos, movies, and talk to your friend via Skype using your 720 HD camera.

-Storage capacity for the iPad Air comes with 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB of flash memory and 1GB RAM.

Those with a penchant for specs will like the 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU running an iOS 7.0.3 operating system. Apple Inc. kept the retina display with iPad Air.

As with past Apple tablets, its connectivity supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that make tapping into your most used app via the App Store quick and easy. Whether it’s reading your favorite book on iBookstore, downloading music from the iTunes Store, or playing a game available in the GameCenter, there is little worry of running out of juice with ten plus hours of battery life.

The iPad Air continued Apple’s commitment to its impact on the environment. As with past devices, integrating recyclable materials in the products and eliminating harmful materials make the iPad Air 100% recyclable.

Aside from the over $500 price tag – the cost depending on the amount of GB – some Apple fans were left disappointed in the iPad Air as it no longer sports certain features that are available on previous iPad devices. Some of the previous features included the Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button for security. The hype of its graphics and processing apps as faster and better fell a tad short of expectations. So despite the newest gadget that may have left some Apple enthusiasts disappointed, tech nerds all over the world get their wish if Santa’s pocketbook can handle it. Boys and girls will wake up Christmas morning, rush to the pile of gifts under the tree, and began a journey on the iPad Air express. While some fan boys and girls will overlook its shortcomings, they will still indulge themselves in this next generation device with relish while sipping eggnog and tuning out the rest of the family singing carols off key.

By Teidi Bishop

Apple Inc.



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