Iran Nuclear Talks or a Path to World Peace?

Iran Nuclear Talks or a Path to World PeaceSunday, November 24, 2013 marks the beginning of a new era in the international diplomatic arena. Six countries; Russia, China, USA, France, United Kingdom and Germany negotiated an agreement with Iran. Is this just Iran nuclear talks or a path to world peace?

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, on Iranian national television stated that his government will go as fast as it can to implement the agreed program. He said Iran is ready to pursue the discussion to reach a final agreement.

Of course, Israel through its Prime Minister Netanyahu, expressed its disagreement because such a political deal means that no military attack against the new ally of the world can be an option anymore.

A decade of political tension found relief opening a path to an eventual resolution of regional turmoil. The agreement would be revisited after six months; but allowed everyone to leave the table with their heads held high.

It is an understatement to say that Iran would never destroy its nuclear program because it is considered Iran’s life insurance as well as its inalienable right to have access to nuclear technology. Their goal is to consolidate their regional influence from Teheran to Damas. Iran might be the new ally of the free world into the Arab world.

But why this urge to reach an agreement now? On the behalf of the negotiators, the Iranian market has 70 million consumers eager to get western products. The prospect of selling hundreds of planes and cars in a world market that has been very slow to recover since 2008 seems to be a realistic approach. Another reason may be that sanctions against Iran can’t do much at this point. On the Iranian’s side the population is ready to open up to the rest of the world; the government is ready to have some of their sanctions lifted. They made their point by conducting discussions based on mutual respect.

President Barack Obama, who has shown a clear willingness to establish diplomatic relations with Iran, asked Congress to forbear taking new sanctions and give this new agreement a chance; assuming that the Iranian government will respect it. The American government had been conducting secret meetings with Iran; without Israel. Does this indicate Israel is cause of trouble?

The fear of Israel and its partisans in Congress is to see a new world political order in which Iran will be a main actor. For now, France can be congratulated for conducting these round table discussions with a positive outcome.

Nevertheless, the Islamic Republic of Iran can maintain up to 3.5% of its uranium stock or enough for its national consumption. The Iranian President, Hassan Rohani, said that for the first time the world’s most powerful countries have recognized their nuclear right. Did Iran win in this negotiation?

Maybe, the world will someday walk into a fair balance of power where no one entity will impose and try to control another. Iran maintains the power, but at the same time this is teaching a lesson to the world: with respect we can always reach a balanced understanding.



By: Kadidia Doumbia


France 24