Is Bullying in the NFL Sanctioned? [video]

Jonathan Martin is AWOL

Jonathan Martin is AWOLAllegedly Jonathan Martin, Miami Dolphins starting offensive lineman, walked off his team because he was fed up with the bullying. Is Bullying in the NFL sanctioned? A source close to FOX Sports has reported that the abusive environment, which developed during Martin’s one and a half seasons with the team, caused him to take an unscheduled personal leave.

On Monday Martin walked away from the Dolphins’ headquarters having reaching his limit with the actions of his teammates. The bullying and teasing has been non-stop since he joined the team in 2012.

A source said Martin has put forth great effort to deal with the host of indignities that spilled over to include personal and family insults. He was even coined with the nickname “Big Weirdo.”

The final straw for Martin was when he attempted to join his teammates for lunch and a group of fellow players got up and left the table. According to Jay Glazer, FOX Sports NFL Insider, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back causing Martin to get up and walk out.

As a result of the bullying which caused Martin to walk; the Dolphins offensive line, that leads the NFL in sacks, was without one of its best players. Martin has helped boost the Dolphins offensive line, having started all 23 games during his short NFL career.

Teammates have denied that the teasing Martin endured was anything out of the ordinary.

When questioned about Martin’s absence, head coach Joe Philbin, refused to provide details. Martin was listed as “out” for the Dolphins home game Thursday night against Cincinnati.

It’s quite common for NFL rookies to experience some hazing when arriving to a new team but many believe that the squad was aware that the cruel actions Martin experienced went well beyond the boundaries of normal persecution.

Martin may potentially be put on the reserve/non-football injury roster because currently a date of return has not been established. This could also jeopardize his future with the NFL franchise.

The harming effects of bullying are no secret. These effects exceed simple embarrassment and can cause the targeted individual to become psychologically injured after enduring being bullied for a lengthy time frame. They often start to feel emotionally devastated and physically ill.

Bullying often results in stress-related illness than can lead to long-term sickness and even suicide. Victims of bullying are at a very high risk for the development of mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder and depression.

It is also known that targets of bullying often have trouble making decisions, have a hard time concentrating, experience a loss of self-esteem and as a result become less productive. The primary reason for this is due to a loss of motivation as well health and stress issues. Victims render great energy trying to find alternative ways to defend themselves, networking for support and deciding how to appropriately and effectively deal with situation.

Veteran teammates of Martin obviously failed to support him or even help fellow players realize when enough is enough; or in this case too much.

On Monday Martin walked away from the Dolphins’ facility because he had reached his limit with the bullying from his teammates.

The NFL Players Association is looking into the situation and has made inquiries to attempt to find out what exactly happened and ultimately what measures need to take place to rectify it.

Until the NFL Association has answers for this controversy that surrounds the Dolphins and Jonathan Martin the question will remain, “Is bullying in the NFL sanctioned?”



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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