Boston Red Sox Reach a Fever Pitch

Win World Series after six years.

Boston Red Sox


Every true and die-hard Boston Red Sox fan has probably seen the 2005 movie starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, Fever Pitch; Jimmy played the Red Sox’s most loyal fan who easily could reach a fever pitch, and Barrymore played his mostly understanding new girlfriend.  It tells the touching story of a boy getting lost in translation when his parent’s divorced, and he and his mom moved to Boston to make a fresh start.

The boy begins to thrive, however, when his uncle takes him to a Boston Red Sox game.  Fallon’s young boy character becomes a staunch Boston Red Sox fan, to the point of cherishing his perfectly situated season tickets and to the extent that he uses Yankee baseball toilet paper. When he meets Drew Barrymore’s ambitious math-loving character, he cannot get her out of his Red Sox mind.

In the end, he puts the girl before the team, and almost sells his precious season tickets.  His girlfriend risks arrest and/or tackle, as she runs across the field to tell the non-cell phone user that she never wanted him to make that kind of sacrifice for their relationship.

Flash-forward to 2013.  There is nothing more real than the Boston Red Sox victory at their home in Fenway Park.  The championship game, played with the St Louis Cardinals, was a full victory, ending in a score of 6 to 1.

After this fever pitch was reached, the Boston Red Sox had a firm standing of three World Series wins within nine years.  To the patient and sometimes frustrated Red Sox super-fan, the Boston Red Sox have never performed better.

“Winning this World Series is special,” David Ortiz said. “I think it might be the most special out of all the World Series that I have been a part of.”  Ortiz is thought of as Boston’s strongman, a leader of his team.

For the team it meant that one of the darkest recent memories in their America, the Boston Marathon bombing last April, was fading fast.  “It lifts the spirit back up after the marathon,” one woman told CNN in Boston amid a boisterous street celebration.  “They obviously deserve it. I feel like I knew it was going to happen.”

The Boston Red Sox completed a remarkable 2013 season on Wednesday night, as they routed the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 to win the World Series.

The Red Sox delivered strong pitching throughout the series.  Game six was the piece de resistance, as John Lackey staged a terrific performance.  Lackey allowed one runner to advance to first base after nine batters in just over six innings, while simultaneously taking out five Cardinals hitters .  For the rest of the game, Junichi Tazawa, Brandon Workman and Koji Uehara maintained the positive momentum, which resulted in the fans reaching that fever pitch they have always been famous for in the MLB.

If Hollywood produces another movie like Fever Pitch, it might be a good idea to weave in the story of a Boston in shadow days.  The Boston Red Sox’s victory over the St Louis Cardinals on their own home field may have brought Boston and Fenway Park out of those shadows.

By Lisa M Pickering



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