It’s a Wonderful Life Sequel Makes Life Truly Terrible Says Everyone

It's a wonderful life Sequel

The beautiful Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life is getting a sequel in 2015, and it is going to make life truly terrible, says everyone. The entire internet is asking: why? The trailer for the new film, entitled It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, insists that we’ve all had a lot of questions about what happened after the first movie ended. This comes as surprising news to most fans of the original, though, because really, all of the questions posed in the movie have already been answered perfectly.

But could there be folks out there walking around in a perpetually questioning state, wondering what happened to George Bailey after the first film ended? Do people sit around at holiday time and wring their hands with their brows knotted as they lament the lack of information available about the Bailey family? Do potential revelers light a Christmas fire in the fireplace, only to gaze upon it in forlorn sorrow as they contemplate the fact that they don’t know if George ever got to build his bridges?

No, they don’t. The reason they’ve never wondered about anything that happened after It’s a Wonderful Life ended is because the deep and everlasting satisfaction that the film provides is an eternally graceful and elegant package of deliciousness that satisfies the soul in ways that no other movie has since. That’s the exact reason why a sequel is a disgraceful attempt to distort the memory of everything Capra hoped to achieve with his Oscar nominated masterpiece.

What happens after the movie ends is right there in the title: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. After the movie ends, it is still a wonderful life. All of the Baileys have a wonderful life after the movie ends, forever. They have a wonderful life, damn it!

The entire magic of the film is the perfect and pat happy ending. Now, that ending is being reopened, re-examined and re-constituted as if there were ever any question whether the whole family and all of its descendants are always happy and peaceful. Of course they are! They are happy and peaceful for eternity. Why can’t we be satisfied with what we’ve already been given? Isn’t that the entire point of the film anyway?

No one wants this sequel. The internet has been on fire and social media buzzing with rage since the press release earlier this week announcing the new movie. Twitter is awash in negative comments about how truly terrible life will be when the sequel is released. Undine ‏@HorribleSanity 3h tweeted “Prediction: This time, it’s the audience who’ll be suicidal. | ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Sequel in the Works,” while Eugene Byrd ‏@Vududaddy 1h said “By George, this is terrible. Please don’t make this. – It’s A Wonderful Life Sequel in Development.” Other Tweeters called the upcoming film “the worst idea ever,” and said the plans are “a disgrace to Jimmy Stewart’s memory.”

The It’s a Wonderful Life sequel makes life truly terrible, says everyone, because there’s something about the time period in which the original film was made that demands the movie be left alone. It’s a snapshot of a bygone era that exists in a vacuum of perfection, at least in our minds. We don’t want to see ZuZu at 76 years of age (yes, the original actress is coming back in all her undoubtedly grannified glory.) It’s downright depressing to witness the original actors all aged and wrinkled. We deserve to etch them forever in our minds as the innocent, unspoiled and adorable children in the picture: a testament to utter beauty and grace. It’s downright dreadful to think about the actress who played ZuZu being forced to use social media and going to her doctor for urinary incontinence. Yes, we know it happens, and that people age, but must we be reminded of it? Why are Hollywood producers doing this to us? Apparently, every time a bell rings, it’s not an angel getting his wings, but simply the sound of the cash register clanging.

By: Rebecca Savastio

LA Times

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