Jennifer Aniston Latest Female Celeb on the Short List

Jennifer Aniston Latest Female Celeb on the Short List

Jennifer Aniston Latest Female Celeb on the Short List

Jennifer Aniston is the latest female celeb to get on the short list, of hair. Another Jennifer, Lawrence, has already jumped on the latest craze of female rich and famous folks who are opting for the shorter look just before winter comes roaring in. Aniston has always been known for her longer locks, a look that started in her Friends days.

Now, like several other famous females, she has opted for a “bob” look. It could be said that the controversial Miley Cyrus was a forerunner for this cropped top look. She initially got her hair cut in a pixie-goth style that had Hannah Montana fans tutting. Cyrus may have been a bit extreme in her hairdo of choice, but other stars are jumping on the cropped bandwagon.

Jennifer Lawrence just recently sported her latests “do” and it does resemble Miley’s buzzed tresses. The Katniss Everdeen actress has been showing off the new hairdo while promoting her latest appearance as the protagonist in The Hunger Games. Fans were excited to see that she had dyed her hair blonde and shortened it to a “pixie” cut a la Cyrus, but without the shaved sides.

Lawrence stated that the real reason for the short pixie look was because her hair had been “burnt” by too many color changes.

The latest female celebs who have gone for the short list, like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence include Pamela Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth. All four have gone for the lighter look as they’ve had those heavy tresses shorn for a sleeker and, with the exception of Lawrence, younger look.

It does sound as though the older Jennifer has more in common with the younger one. Aniston has said that her decision to cut off her more iconic hairstyle was “spur of the moment” but also to get rid of damaged hair. She also attributed the hair damage to excessive coloring, although in Aniston’s instance it has probably been to hide that mid-forties advance of grey.

To give Jennifer her credit, at 44 she does not look her age. She still sports a stunning figure, as evidenced in her We’re the Millers strip tease/lap dancer part in the film. At one point she does a pole dance in for some villains to prove she is not an “all-American” mom. Besides being a very funny scene, it also gave the former Friends star a chance to show off a very impressive body.

It will be interesting to see who else decides to cut of their long locks and their reasons for doing so. Pamela Anderson has not mentioned why she went for a “bob.” Presumably, the youthful appearance that shorter hair offers the “aging actress” was behind her move. Kristin Chenoweth is no stranger to the short look.

Back in 2008, the Bewitched star had darker hair with streaks of color in a very short “swept-back” style that was very fetching. It would seem that Kristin has more in common with Jennifer Aniston than Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is still only 23 years-old while Aniston is, at 44, closer to Kristin’s age group – she is 45 years-old – and presumably this has a lot to do with the shortening of her hair.

In a lot of make-over shows where older women want to look younger, a short hairstyle is recommended as a perfect way to melt years away. Even though Jennifer Aniston is the latest female celeb to join the short list of cropped locks, she need not have worried about looking younger. Like Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer looks nowhere near her “real” age so that was clearly not a factor in her decision. Regardless of why she cut of her long hair, Jennifer looks great as usual.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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