Jennifer Lawrence is the Ideal Role Model for Young Women

Jennifer Lawrence is the Ideal Role Model for Young Women

Jennifer Lawrence is not only beautiful and funny, she is the ideal role model for young women.  Listen up and take points if your name rhymes with Smiley.

Lawrence can do no wrong, it seems.  During her recent publicity tour for ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ she has shown off a sassy new hairstyle and won’t stop talking about her love of food, hot dogs in particular.  She is a merry prankster on the set and everyone’s drinking buddy off.  She is the newest “every girl” and we all want to be her best friend.  Can you blame us?

Jennifer Lawrence is the Ideal Role Model for Young WomenThe 23 year-old has had a pretty incredible year, so far.  Beginning with the success of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ that led to her eventual Oscar win for her role as neurotic widow, Tiffany Maxwell. At the Academy Awards she dressed age appropriately in a gorgeous pink ballgown that was so cumbersome that she tripped up the steps as she went to receive her award.  Lawrence quickly recovered and went on to give a humble, humorous speech where she praised the cast and crew of the movie.  The day after her big win she was back on the ‘Catching Fire’ set, ready to dive into her second go-round as heroine Katniss Everdeen.  Woody Harrelson, Lawrence’s ‘Catching Fire’ co-star was reported to demand she give her Oscar back every time she flubbed a line.

What makes Jennifer Lawrence the ideal role model for young women is her killer work ethic and the fact that she realizes just how ridiculous Hollywood can be.  When asked during a recent interview about how she felt about the sexualization of young actresses in Hollywood, Lawrence was quick with her condemnation.  She said that in the entertainment industry young sex sells and it’s disgusting.  She went on to add that she doesn’t really worry about it too much because everyone chooses their own path.  When asked if she would ever twerk with a dwarf or light up a joint on stage Lawrence replied, “to each his own.” She didn’t mention Miley Cyrus specifically, even when the interviewer mentioned her name.  It’s possible that she is showing solidarity to her ‘Hunger Games’ co-star and former Cyrus fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth himself has been praising Jennifer Lawrence during his recent round of interviews.  He thinks that Lawrence is the ideal role model for young women and that there ought to be more action films with female leads. Hemsworth added that stories like ‘The Hunger Games’ are great because they feature a courageous, young woman who manages to keep her wits about her through all the horrible events that occur.  He says that Jennifer was the perfect woman for the role of Katniss because she has such a larger than life personality.

The world needs more role models like Jennifer Lawrence.  At the London premier of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ she left an interview to console a young fan who became overwhelmed after seeing her favorite movie star.  Lawrence broke through the barrier and sat to talk with the young girl for a few minutes.  Someone buy that woman a hot dog.

By Mary Kay Love

Belfast Telegraph

NY Daily News

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