Jennifer Lawrence Sets Fat Shamers Straight [Video]

Jennifer Lawrence Sets Fat Shamers Straight  at yahoo q&aJennifer Lawrence has been making headlines across the globe in recent months not only for her Oscar winning performance but also for her straight talking personality as she shows us once again what it looks like to be “real” amidst a community of fat shamers and plastic personalities. Having been dubbed the “internet’s favorite person” and role model for young women, she is certainly living up to these titles, as can be seen in recent Yahoo! and BBC interviews.

During a recent Yahoo! Q&A session aimed at promotion for the new Hunger Games film, the star was asked a poignant question about body image and today’s standards. Watch the video for her awe-inspiring response. It is a magical feat that this lady is so grounded amidst the real-life game of hunger- Hollywood, itself.

Jennifer Lawrence is famous for many things that other Hollywood starlets might have been embarrassed about. Not this Oscar-winning star. After being requested to lose weight for filming, Lawrence outright and openly refused. Whilst she is by no means overweight, she knows that she may fall short of the stick image for many Hollywood women. Many stars have spoken out against Hollywood’s stick-thin standards however none have done it quite so avidly as Lawrence.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Lawrence grew up with two older brothers, Ben and Blaine and her parents, Gary and Karen Lawrence. Jennifer’s career as an actress kicked off when was discovered in New York City at the tender age of 14. Prior to developing her actress career, she was dispassionately involved in modeling, cheerleading, field hockey, and softball.

New York City welcomed her in the spring of 2004 where Lawrence attended auditions with modeling and talent agencies. The response she received was positive to say the least- after the first cold read the agents said to her mother that it was the best cold read that they had ever heard. Following that first success, Jennifer and her mother continued to tease agents with her incredible talent. Lawrence attended more auditions, performing cold reads and being photographed for advertisements. Subsequently, Lawrence decided to spend the summer in Manhattan and after appearing in various advertisements, she eventually landed her first movie role in Devil You Know (2009).

Not only has this 22-year-old actress stunned everyone with her genuine on-screen talent, she has also wowed audiences across the world with her off-screen antics, and not in a Miley Cyrus fashion. In fact, Lawrence has spoken out against the antics of her fellow celebrity. Before the upcoming release of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Lawrence sat down for an interview with the BBC. When asked about the example her character, Katniss Everdeen, sets for young women, Jennifer Lawrence agreed that Katniss’s strong nature could be a great image for young women to look up to, especially in the wake left by hollywood’s infamous fat shaming. However, Lawrence expressed less positive passion when the inevitable question of Miley Cyrus was raised. Lawrence expressed her disgust at the techniques Miley Cyrus is employing to further her career. Everyone knows that sex sells (it is a common technique among young pop stars), but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only method to further a career.

“It’s just kind of a part of this world. It’s a part of the entertainment industry that sells. Sex sells and for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more. Everybody has kind of got their own path and their own way of finding themselves and for some people, that’s how they feel best, that’s how they feel sexy, that’s how they want to perform…”

Lawrence continued her straight talk by saying that while she understands that each has their own way of finding themselves amidst the sets of Hollywood, her way does not include twerking with a dwarf or giving in to fat shamers who attempt to dictate the standards for women.

Written By: Jessica Rosslee

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