Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Most Powerful Black Belt

Vladimir Putin
Black Belt

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin obtains a 9th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. From the recent Time Magazine ‘most powerful person’ he now becomes among the elite in the field of martial arts. No less than the president of Taekwondo, The Federation of World Taekwondo’s, Choue Chung-won presented him with this ninth ranking in Seoul.

Vladimir Putin was humbled when he received this most high award. The Dan ranking is the proficiency on a scale of 1-10 and he earned a nine. Sounds impressive.

This number beats the highly recognized American martial arts enthusiast, Chuck Norris, who had obtained an 9 in Black Belt. The martial art of Taekwondo includes self-defense, exercise and combat. Popular and present in countries around the world, it has more than 75 million practicing members.

Did you know our own President in the United States of America has a Black Belt? He earned an honorary one from Seoul. He was older when he entered the sport back in Chicago.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the Broadcasting System of Korea on the eve prior to his award. In the interview, the person questioning President Putin relates his ideas about the two countries (North and South Korea) and hopes this is an opportunity to strengthen the ongoing relationship. President Putin agrees progress has been made in the last 20 years, since established relations were formed. Putin is hopeful for political and economic development, as well as military and technology advancements.

Vladimir Putin also states that tough attitudes and placing ultimatums, generally do not get expected results. He cites goodwill and understanding for participants when it comes to complex or sensitive issues. The Russian President also believes or supports the idea of Koreans and national unification as a natural process. He feels it would bring ‘positive results for the international policies, ensuring security in the region’.

When asked about Forbes magazine calling him the worlds most powerful person, he replies, he doesn’t pay much attention as he doesn’t want it to cloud his decision making. He feels the morals of Russians are inherent to society and he wishes to protect those as much as possible.

Other activities of Russian President, Vladimir Putin will have him meeting Pope Francis in the Vatican November 25th. Pope Francis sent the President a letter to the G-20 summit urging peaceful solutions in Syria with dialogue and the use of negotiation, not guns. In addition, Sir Paul McCartney sent Vladimir Putin a letter asking him to release Green Peace activists who were jailed when they set about a protest and later detained by Russian Coast Guard. These activists are now in prison in the city of Saint Petersburg. Maybe the singer will have some influence over the Russian President, who is the world’s most powerful and now a Black Belt to the ninth degree.


Vladimir Putin
Black Belt Putin

Putin, a KGB agent in his past, wasn’t sure if he deserved the honor; but feels he will promote the martial arts in Russia, to make it popular. He is 61 years old and comes from St. Petersburg, where the Green Peace activists are being held today.

President Putin even geared up with Steven Seagal, a movie actor and martial artist to make note of his country’s weapons market. He also has a video, put out in 2008, in which he shares techniques of Judo. Vladimir Putin has gone from the most powerful man in the world to an expertise of the highest in Black Belt, the art of Taekwondo.

Written by Kim Troike






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