Jobless America Families Are Hungry


Being jobless in America is no laughing matter. Families are going hungry. As a parent, I have been jobless for a length of time. Going hungry to make sure there was food for my child. My story is just like the millions of Americans out there. Wondering if their lights will stay on this month. Hoping to have heat during the cold, dark winter months. Standing in line at food banks for three hours or more, only to get in and find the shelves almost bare to the bone.

The Bureau of Labor Statistic says for October though jobs have been created the number of jobless stay the same at 7.3%. They note the type of employment that have increased are health care, hospitality, manufacturing, professional, technical services, retail trade, and leisure. That still leaves 11.3 million people jobless. Also the percentage rates between men and women are different, men being at 7.0% and women being at 6.4%. With no end in sight.

People are not spending money, keeping it for the necessities of life, which in turns slows the growth of stronger jobs to be created. That may lower the jobless rate. Americans are looking for work and apply at a verity of jobs, fighting hundreds of applicants for that one spot the company has to offer. Some are to qualified for the position and are told they wouldn’t be happy in the job they have to offer. But employers are not seeing that fact, it does not matter they just need a job to put food on their table.

Because of the Government shutdown in October made the job market worse for the wear. Causing mayhem in the private sector. Small business growth was hit the hardest. They are the major players for employment in America. Some Economic Specialist say that there other major factor than the shutdown. From months before. The facts are that as of September 2013 we are still 1.8 million jobs less than what we started with in the recession. 

The picture for the jobless rate in America is bleak. Painting a scary picture across the country for families who are going hungry. The jobless Americans do not know where their next meal might come from. An alarming trend for the jobless America and their families, who are going hungry. Is there any relief insight? I do not believe so because the ones who have been donating and giving of their time are wearing thin. They’re hurting too. 

The Government cannot help, their business is in chaos and where do the jobless Americans turn to, now? The light at the end of the tunnel is dim and hope is fading. Violence is up across the nation. People are panicking saying “Where will our next meal come from?” They continue to battle for that one position in a company that will pay them minimum wage. Jobless America, families are hungry with no end in sight. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for a chance at even a part-time job.

By Zondra Mae



Bureau of Labor Statistic

Unites States Department of Labor

2 Responses to "Jobless America Families Are Hungry"

  1. Zondra, author   November 14, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Yes, I agree it is a worldwide issue. Americans are not the only ones suffering.

  2. Anne Sewell   November 14, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Hate to say it, but welcome to the club, Spain and other countries in Europe have been like this for some time. Some of us are scraping by, others are living on the streets and digging in garbage cans. Out governments don’t give a proverbial s***


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