John Kerry Should Grow a Moustache

John Kerry should grow a moustache
John Kerry should grow a moustache

John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, should grow a moustache.  Not only could it enhance his chiseled looks, but it might well make him feel stronger and more powerful in the world of politics.  The soon to be 70 year old, with the looks of a distant Kennedy cousin, would be serving a dual purpose in growing a moustache.  John Kerry has a message beyond the political arena as he marks his 10 year anniversary of being cancer free.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in late 2002, the former Lieutenant Governor and Senator of Massachusetts, appears to be healthy and hale.  As he travels the globe on missions of peace, he is lucky to be alive.  His prostate cancer was caught in the nick of time and he has gone on to be a prominent Democrat and world leader.  Jet lag, foreign policies and cuisine seem like a mere bump in the road when compared with the threat of cancer he once endured.

Serving the United States with military duty as a Marine in Vietnam, in various governmental positions and running for president, John Kerry has overcome many obstacles.  His near brush with death was detected and treated through surgery.  The serious disease luckily did not claim him as a victim and he has refreshed his spirit to go on.  Aside from his national duties and obligations, John Kerry should grow a moustache and become a spokesperson for the awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.

November has been dubbed Movember, in efforts to bring awareness to men about their own cancer threats.  Just as October focused on Breast Cancer Awareness, since 2004 men have been alerted to their cancer risks as well in the month of November.  John Kerry is a strong political force and one that can testify to early detection and treatment.

John Kerry survived the ordeal of embarrassing probing and prodding into his personal space.  He had the strength to carry on a presidential run of grueling appearances and speeches.  In turn, it was not favorable but at least he had his health restored.  If John Kerry grew a moustache, even for just the month of November, he would be echoing a heartfelt and uplifting message beyond the tasks he has at hand.

Supported by his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, his two daughters and three step-sons, John Kerry is in front of the public eye everyday.  He has gained the power to use his voice, whether in solving the world’s problems or just to address a health issue that haunts men across the globe.  He is not lacking for money or resources, so a little hair on the lip might make people ask and wonder why.

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer found in men.  It affects their masculinity in a variety of ways.  The good news is it can be treated successfully if detected early.  Having PSA counts done regularly can be the test of time against the forces of the disease.  A PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen and is simply a blood test that monitors good and bad proteins.  Doing the numbers and having things tested, especially in older age, can mean the difference between life and death.  Treatment for prostate cancer may include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy or hormone therapy.  The odds are in your favor when detected early.  The gland that supplies fluid and protects the sperm may be in jeopardy, but a healthy sex life can usually return after treatment.

As John Kerry’s passport continues to get multiple stamps around the world, his bill of health is free and clear.  He might look good with a moustache as he supports the U.S. and the awareness of prostate cancer.  As election day draws near, grow a moustache, support others and elect to have a screening for good health.


By Roanne H. FitzGibbon







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