The Voice The Live Shows Premiere November 4 (Review & Videos)

The Voice Live Show Premeire

On The Voice the season’s live shows premiere tonight, November 4, as the contestants on each team finally get to perform live and let America’s voters determine their fates! The remaining 20 competitors have gone through the trails of battling against their own teammates to get to this stage of the competition — but, the war has just begun! It’s just the start of three days of The Voice this week — the next episode will be tomorrow, then there will be another episode on Thursday.

Team Adam and Team Blake will perform tonight. Carson says that for the first time this season, America will get the chance to vote.

Tonight, The Voice began with Flo Rida and Christina Aguilera performing How I Feel. Flo Rida was dressed in an orange suit jacket, looking stylish. Christina looked pretty hot, and wore a skimpy outfit.

She wailed out the lyrics as Flo Rida rapped. At the end of the song, confetti exploded and fell from the ceiling. Then, we had the first commercial break  — afterward, Team Blake and Team Adam will compete.

Shelbie Z. (she’s now married) is up first for Team Blake. She will be singing Fancy by Reba McIntire.

Blake tells Shelbie Z.: You got to do her (Reba) proud. No pressure.”

Shelbie Z. belted the song out –she did a great version of it, and the audience clapped along from the beginning to the end of it. Blake looked like he was really getting into the song, too, nodding his head along and smiling

Christina: “Great job! Congratulations, getting married. I always knew you were a powerhouse. It was great; I loved it; I thought it was such a fitting song.”

Cee Lo: “I’d like to say you’re consistently charismatic. As much as I hate to say it, you really make Blake’s team strong.”

Adam: “Something clicked with the way you performed, and your stage presence. You were pretty incredible.”

Blake: “You command the stage. I mean, you just do. If I awoke out of a coma after five years and saw you up on the stage, I’d say that you were one of the biggest country music stars around.”

The first artist from Team Adam will sing next. He’s James Wolpert. He got to this stage by getting four chairs turned. He will sing Joni Mitchell’s song,   A Case of You.  He has an amazing, sweet, melodic voice! He did an awesome job of playing the guitar, also.  He nailed it!

Blake: “Dude, you can’t be a geek and be that awesome! That’s just impossible!”

Christina: “James, I was really impressed! I always knew you had incredible vocal range. You really grounded yourself in this song. It was so heartwarming to watch! I thought it was great!”

Cee Lo: “Great job, great job!”

Adam: “I’m so proud of you, James! Your last performance was not one of your best, but I knew that there was something in you we hadn’t seen yet. You had so much control and poise — you did an amazing job!”

Nic Hawk is up for Team Blake! he’s a fantastic singer, but I really wish he wasn’t on Team Blake. He’s going to sing Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke tonight! He can really hit the high notes; “hey, hey, hey, hey!” Good stuff — he’ll be tough to beat. He added rapping to it; killer, killer version. Awesome performance!

Christina: “It was kind of fun — how did you keep up? I mean, you didn’t have a moment to breath! Fabulous job!”

Cee Lo: “First of all, great, great performance! You did an amazing job, Nic!”

Adam: “I shouldn’t have let you go. How can anyone watch Nic perform and not like it? You are just so fun to watch, and I’m proud of you!”

Blake: “You did everything that you could do as a performer! It was unbelievable! You are the complete entertainer!”

Another guy from Team Blake will go onstage next, Ray Boudreaux. He will sing  Home  by Marc Broussard. The audience clapped along right from the start — he has a soulful, swampy, very cool singing voice.  He rocked the song out!

Christina: “I loved it Ray! That was the most connect — you brought a realness to the stage I haven’t seen from you before! It was bluesy, you did a great job!”

Cee Lo: “Ray, Sugar Ray, great job, my man! Great job tonight, bro!”

Adam: “Amazing job, amazing job!  think you did an incredible job; really excellent job!”

Blake: “That was so good, man! You’re in a cool position — you’re in a position to bring so much awareness to that Delta Blues song. You are doing so much good for your heart, because I know where your heart is musically.”

The following performer, Austin Jenckes, was also from Team Blake. It’s a Black Crowes song, She Talks to Angels. He does an amazing, soulful version of it — cool, cool stuff. He plays his guitar along with the song. He wailed the song out, and did a very impressive job. The audience really loved it, also, cheering when he finished.

Christina: “You sang, Austin, with so much heart! It was absolutely great!”

Cee Lo: “You were one of my favorites from the beginning! We have the best coaches, crews, and talent of any show.”

Adam: “I love that song, I love you.”

Blake: “It’s one thing to think a note and sing it; it’s another thing to sing it with heart. I know that you’re going to give me 150 percent of what’s inside of you with every performance.”

Grey is the next performer, the second one we’ll see tonight from Team Blake. The song she’ll perform is Still Into You by Paramour. Like the other performers tonight,  Grey has the audience clapping along from the start of the song. She did really great; but, will it be enough to continue in the competition? America, if you think so, then vote for Grey!

Tomorrow night, Team Christina and Team Cee Lo will go head-to-head.

Blake: “I’ll be honest with you. I wanted to steal you from Team Adam. You’re awesome Grey, you really are.”

Cee Lo said he hadn’t heard that song before, and he really liked it.

Adam: “You turned that song into your own. Seriously, Grey, I couldn’t be prouder.”

Will Champlin is the next one to sing for Team Adam. He lost twice, and was stolen back twice. Adam: “Will’s a good guy, and he’s so talented.” Will will sing his own arrangement of Secrets by OneRepublic.

Will has really changed the song quite a bit. It still sounds very good, but I am unsure about it — I really liked the original, and it is very different. The audience appears to be enjoying it, though, and they are, once again, clapping along as he sings. He played the piano during parts of the song — that was very good.

Christina: “I love Will! It was so beautiful, and so touching — you definitely put your heart into it.”

Cee Lo: “You know what? I’m enjoying this moment to be honest. It was so impressive — very dynamic and definitive performance.”

Adam: “You’ve been bounced around like a yo-yo. You deserve being here as much as anyone else. You have a very special gift, and I think you put on the performance of your life tonight, I really do.”

Preston Pohl from Team Adam will perform now. He has a great, raspy voice. He had been a singer of a Christian band. He relates how he learned that his dad had cancer, but now he’s cancer-free.

He sings Nothin’ On You. He does a very impressive version of the song, and raps a part of it — very cool performance.

Adam: “That was fun to watch!”

Blake: “I’m blown away, man! There’s going to be people going home Thursday that have no business going home. That was studly, studly.”

Christina: “You make everything you sing classic, and old school.”

Cee Lo: “I definitely feel like Christina. You are doing a great job, what can I say?”

Adam: “You sang the feature on top of the vocal. No one sounds like Preston — no one sounds like you. You continue to crush it.”

Cole Vosbury of Team Blake will perform next. He will perform Maggie May by Rod Stewart.

It is honestly not one of my favorite songs, but Cole did great playing on the guitar and he did sound a lot like Rod Stewart.  My daughter said she liked it — I just don’t care for the song — but he did a great job singing it.

Christina: “Cole, you’re always so consistent. I can’t believe that I just heard you were a single chair-turner. I’m a fan.”

Cee Lo: “I still love you — unconditionally. I support you either way it goes.”

Adam: “Cole, I regretted not turning around for you. I’m a stupid person; I’m an idiot. Dude, you’re so good, and that is one of my favorite songs ever.”

Blake: “Here’s the deal, Cole. You’re so good, you’re so good for this show. I feel like I’ve ended up with the guy who could win this whole thing. I’m honored to be working with you, truly.”

Tessanne Chin of Team Adam will perform last tonight, singing the Jimmy Cliff song Many Rivers to Cross. It’s an emotional song, so this should be a very good performance — but, it’ll have to wait until after more commercials.

Tessanne sings a very powerful version of the song, and brings a gospel sort of feel to it — it’s so charged with emotion. The background chorus is also great — she gave a very moving performance. Adam stood up and gave her a standing ovation.

Christina: “I know what it fee like to cry tears of joy. You deserve every moment of it. I’m a fan.”

Cee Lo: “They saved the best for last! You’re one of my favorites! Great job!”

Adam: “You have such a golden soul! You are such a wonderful human being! In my opinion, it does not get better vocally than what you just did.”

That’s it for The Voice tonight, the first round of the Live Shows is history — the performances were,  for the most part, awesome, IMHO. Who will America choose with their votes to move on? Tune in with me tomorrow to watch Team Cee Lo and Team Christina’s musical artists, and then check back here to read my recap/review of the show!

Written by: Douglas Cobb