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John Oliver Gets Own HBO Show in 2014 (Video)

John Oliver Gets Own HBO Show in 2014

Comedian John Oliver has hit the big time, landing a weekly comedy/talk show on HBO beginning in 2014. His stint filling in for Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show for 12 weeks this past summer got him noticed by HBO. Stewart was in Jordan making his debut as a director.

As a result, Oliver will be the host of his own show. The format and name of the show has yet to be decided, but it will focus on topical news, current events, and politics. These topics are ripe satirical targets which the quick-witted comic genius from England, Jon Oliver, has skewered more than once or twice, both on The Daily Show and in his hilarious stand-up specials for Comedy Central.

One of these shows was called Terrifying Times. In 2010, Oliver also hosted a six-episode miniseries on Comedy Central, called John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show.

Oliver’s HBO series will premiere in 2014, and will reportedly get a Sunday time slot, possibly at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT. HBO did not specify the number of episodes they had ordered.

According to HBO programming president Michael Lombardo, they weren’t at all “searching for another weekly talk show.” However, after they saw  Oliver serving as the host of The Daily Show, they decided that he would be a perfect fit for HBO.

John Oliver is, of course, excited about joining HBO, saying in a statement: “I presume that means I get free HBO now.”

Oliver had spent seven-and-a-half years employed by Comedy Central. At the announcement of his new HBO series, he thanked Comedy Central, and “everyone at The Daily Show.” He especially thanked Jon Stewart, who he said “taught me everything I know.” If the show fails, Oliver added, then it would be “entirely his fault.”

It had long been rumored that John Oliver was being groomed to take over from Jon Stewart whenever Stewart happened to leave the show. Now, with a series of his own to star in, Oliver might be quite content having his own series on HBO.

Is John Oliver destined for the type of success that Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report) and Steve Carell (The Office; several movies) had when they left their jobs as Daily Show correspondents? Also, and perhaps more important, will Oliver get the free HBO he longs for out of the deal? While it’s still too early to tell, John Oliver is definitely headed in the direction of becoming the latest comedy superstar spawned by The Daily Show.

Comedian John Oliver is a very funny guy, and I, for one, will be looking forward to tuning in and watching his new HBO comedy series beginning in 2014. Until then, you can get a small idea of what Oliver’s comedy is like by checking out the video below.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

John Oliver New York Stand-up Comedy Show Clip