Playstation 4 Update How to Prepare

Playstation 4 Update How to Prepare
The day you have all been waiting for has arrived! The release of the Playstation 4 is a mere 24 hours away but did you know you can start preparing for its arrival right now? There is an update that must be loaded on your Playstation 4. But how do you do the update without having the actual system with you? This is quite simple actually; all you need is a USB flash drive with at least 1 GB of memory on it. There are a few things that you will need:
• A USB flash drive with at least 1 GB of memory
• A Computer
• A link to the update (which will be provided at the bottom of this article)
It is suggested to create a completely separate folder and labeling it with something simple. A few suggested names are ‘PS4 Update’ or ‘PS4’. Name the update something you will recognize and remember. Now your PS4 has finally arrived! The first thing that you should do is check to make sure you have everything that was supposed to come with the system. 
For instance, if you just purchased the system then there will be one paddle with the charging cord as well as a few other essential items. Next on the list is the update. But in order to do the update the 4 must be off. Perhaps before even turning it on you should do the update so it is good to go once you do turn it on for the very first time; after the update that is. 
Next you should then connect the USB flash drive to the PS4. After inserting the USB flash drive you must press the power button for at least 7 seconds. This will start the Playstation 4 in ‘safe mode’. Once that step is completed you must select ‘Update System Software’. 
At that time, there will be on screen instructions to install the system update. If for some reason the system does not recognize the system update, make sure all of the names are correct. If you are still having trouble then it is suggested to contact customer service who will be able to help you from there.
If the update does work, then you are ready to play your new baby. The update includes multiple features such as online multiplayer, PlayStation Vita Remote Play, and Party Chat. Of course these features are not all the features included in the 1.5 patch update. Clearly this game system will change the way we look at the game industry.
 What is unfortunate about the Playstation 4 releasing so early is the fact that there aren’t many games that are suited for it quite yet. In fact, many of the PS4 games won’t be released until 2014. But it is nice to know that once those games are released you will have the option to purchase them. At least you have the system just in case some games you really want end up releasing earlier than expected. 

By Anjulina MaComber

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