Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go

Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go
Pop sensation Justin Bieber was caught out doing a little brothel shopping on Friday and after taking his time in the establishment decided to order two to go. The singer was photographed trying to slip out with his takeaway order but the paparazzi managed to get a few snaps. Bieber and his two “ladies of the night” were photographed by the paps as they rushed to get into Justin’s car.

The popular brothel Centauros; based in Rio de Janeiro, was obviously on the popstar’s list of things to do in Rio. Prostitution is allegedly legal in Brazil, but apparently the running of brothels is not. The average cost of “spending time” with a hooker in Brazil can run a customer between $200 to $400.

It was reported that Justin Bieber spent over three hours in Centauros and he was either having a very good time or he was spoiled for choice. It could have taken him the entire time to choose who he wanted “to go.” Bieber attempted to exit the brothel incognito by having his bodyguards cover him with a blanket. Since his security teams are almost as recognizable as the pop star, the blanket did not help very much.

Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go
Bieber in a blanket…

Justin was rushed from the brothel’s exit with a tan blanket draped over him while one of his bodyguards shot paparazzi photographers with water. Bieber’s security also told the shutterbugs to stop taking pictures; a command that they ignored. The singer’s brothel shopping spree ended in a bit of a rush as he and the two prostitutes Justin ordered to go were hustled out of the building.

Apparently after his three hour brothel shopping spree, Justin Bieber found two to go and the “ladies” were bundled into a separate vehicle. Their aim, obviously, to fool the photographers. With Bieber already identified by the Centauros logo blanket and his usual security team, the effort was wasted all around.

Justin Bieber Brothel Shopping Orders Two to Go
The popular brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

The paparazzi had received a tip about Justin’s visit to the house of pleasure and a sharp-eyed pap spied one of the singer’s distinctive tattoos on his wrist with the camera lense. Apparently, Bieber rendezvoused with the two women in his hotel with his friend who went into the brothel with the performer.

According to Brazilian newspapers, the Canadian pop star was later booted out of the hotel for “breaking rules.” However, another source said that the reason for Justin Bieber’s hasty exit was that the hotel officials feared for the safety and security of the other guests because a mob of unruly Bieber fans had surrounded the establishment.

Other sources from the hotel say that the real reason Bieber was asked to leave was the partying. Allegedly Justin and his entourage, or crew, had been causing a disturbance due to a drug enhanced party that went on for days. Apparently Justin needed a quick break, hence the brothel visit.

According to Panama newspaper Cronicas, this is not the first time that Justin Bieber has taken advantage of the legal prostitution law in Brazil. The paper reported that the pop star paid $500 to spend the night after meeting the woman in a Panama City nightclub. The teen performer obviously had so much fun that he decided to order two to go for him and his friend. The hotel made no mention of the prostitutes so apparently they were not bothered by Justin bringing them back to the establishment. ┬áBieber’s representative has declined to comment on the allegations.

By Michael Smith
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