Justin Bieber Found Himself Facing Another Criminal Accusation

Justin Bieber

Typical of most celebrities who rise to fame at an immature age, Justin Bieber has found himself facing yet another criminal accusation. A fifteen-second video of the young pop sensation asleep in the bed of an alleged Brazilian prostitute was released and uploaded to YouTube on Nov 6.

The footage featured Bieber curled into a blanket on a pullout couch. The girl filming him then appeared on camera and blew a kiss to the sleeping pop-star.

Within 12 hours of its upload, the video reached 2.7 million views. It has been shared over 2 million times on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Beiber’s team denied the claim that the girl was a prostitute, and it was later found that the girl was the Brazilian 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness Pageant winner Tati Neves. Neves has yet to make a statement about the video herself.

The release of this video was not the first time Bieber has made headlines since his arrival to South America. The singer was also caught defacing the wall of a former hotel in Rio de Janeiro with spray paint. Bieber’s camp claimed that he had been given permission to graffiti another wall, and opted to do one in a less dangerous area instead. No such permission was given, and he was charged with vandalism and a possible fine.

Bieber continued to spray paint other walls despite the charge, and posted photos online, claiming that he received permission to tag them all.

It has been reported that Bieber was also kicked out of Casablanca Palace Hotel for bringing prostitutes into his room. The singer later was accused of inviting over 30 women to the mansion he rented after his dismissal from the hotel, some of which were also allegedly prostitutes.

Just days before this, on Nov. 1, Bieber was photographed leaving Rio de Janeiro’s Centauros nightclub wrapped only in a bed sheet. The night after the photograph was taken, Bieber faced hostility while on stage in Sāo Paulo. In the middle of his song “One Time,” Bieber was hit with a well-aimed water bottle from someone in the crowd.

Bieber has not made a statement regarding these accusations, but he has not been silent about the video. He claimed that it “creeped him out” and that he had never even met the girl before.

Fans did not react well to the video, but nstead of siding against the singer, many attacked Neves for uploading the footage and starting an unfounded rumor. According to the vast number of tweets on the subject, Bieber fans were far from turning away from their idol over this. Even when faced with evidence that Bieber had been participating in illegal solicitation of sex, Beliebers were not deterred.

In fact, his fan base has depleted more due to the emergence of pop boy band One Direction than to any of his criminal charges or misdemeanors. It seems that it will take much more than a few photographs and a video to break Bieber’s continuing rise to fame.

By Hend Salah

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  1. anisha singh   January 13, 2014 at 9:45 am

    i think Bieber is doing all these mistakes just for more popularity or his mind has become full of dirty things that’s why he is always found with prostitutes.

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