Justin Bieber Graffiti for Good Cause

Justin Bieber Graffiti for Good Cause

It is really hard to keep dissing Justin Bieber when he continues to show just how generous he really is. Belieber’s already know how much Justin gives to his fans and he shows it again by doing graffiti for a good cause. In this case the Philippine survivors of the super typhoon Yolanda.

On November 8 this year Yolanda tore through the Philippines and caused widespread devastation leaving thousands dead and injured. The super typhoon also left billions of dollars worth of damage as it worked its way across the Visayas provinces.

Bieber’s fans know that he is a very giving celebrity. Earlier in the year, Justin set a record with the Make-A-Wish foundation when he became the first recording artist to grant 200 wishes to a young seriously ill fan. The Canadian pop star made eight year-old Annalysha Brown-Rafanan’s day in Atlanta, Georgia in  August this year.

Just to show that his giving nature is not limited to the Make-A-Wish foundation, the singer got together with pal Milk Tyson on November 17, to spray paint a wall in Los Angeles. Bieber’s “tag” was a picture of hands folded in prayer with the words Pray 4 Philippines arched over the top and his initials underneath. The teen idol then had a picture taken with him standing by the art work with his own hands in prayer. The photo was posted on the star’s Instagram with the caption “We can all help.”

Justin’s friend Tyson tweeted, along with Bieber manager Scooter Braun, that they were all working on something that would provide aid for the Philippines. Tyson said on his Twitter  feed that he was excited to be working on the project with Justin and Scooter.

Justin Bieber Graffiti for Good Cause
Justin showing off his newest artistic endeavor.

TMZ reported that Bieber is going to put his signed graffiti plus the spray cans used to create the picture  up for auction and the money raised will be given to the Philippine typhoon relief organisation. According to a source, this is just the start of Justin’s plans to help the battered country.

This Bieber work of art is certainly not as controversial, or illegal, as his earlier graffiti in Brazil. Accusations of racism were hurled at the young performer after he spray painted a monkey on the wall of a Brazilian hotel. Apparently Justin was fined for his earlier artistic endeavor although that did not deter him from reaching for the spray cans in his latest effort to help those in need.

The Believe singer could also be working to improve his standing with Filipino fans after he was castigated by the local press when he posted “distasteful” pictures of the defeated Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao in 2012. The boxer lost to Juan Manuel Marquez who boxed for Mexico.

Bieber is not the only celeb to send support to the typhoon wrecked area. Other non-Filipino stars are raising money to help. Naomi Campbell and John-Paul Pietrus have banded together to sell Pietrus photographs, which are a limited edition, of the super model. The profits from sales of the pictures will go to the British Red Cross and each print will be sold for around $32.

Justin Bieber may not be the only celebrity to raise and donate money to the Philippines, But he can be counted on to provide support to those who need it. His good cause graffiti will raise some much needed funds for those who have lost family or property to the super typhoon Yolanda.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom




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