Justin Bieber Has a Big Package Says Brazilian Lover

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is apparently well-endowed and has a big package, according to his Brazilain lover, Tati Neves. Neves apparently met the Biebs in a nightclub, and he danced with her and told her he would like to see her in a bikini. After they danced and drank at the club, they went back to Bieber’s house with about nine other girls. Once back at Bieber’s pad, she says, he came on to her, and they ended up in bed together. Their one night fling resulted in pictures and video of Beiber sleeping on a sofa, and Neves shared those pictures with her friend. The pictures and video were not supposed to have left her friend’s possession, but of course, they did, and were leaked to the press. They show the Biebs half-naked and sleeping like a baby.

Neves claims that Justin Bieber was an excellent lover and that he fulfilled all of her needs sexually, saying “A man must know what to do to make me happy. Justin did all that and more. It was one of the best moments in my life. It was marvelous and unforgettable. He has quite a fit body and he looked great naked.”

It’s quite a shining endorsement for the allegedly well endowed Bieber, who earlier this month was caught with his pants down (almost literally) coming out of a Brazilian brothel where he enjoyed the company of two prostitutes. Apparently, Brazil gives Bieber an insatiable lust for the ladies.

But Neves’ story contradicts another version told by a Brazilian prostitute. She says Beiber’s jewels are totally “average.” However, perhaps she has more samples from which to select for comparison. Despite the pop star’s “average” appendage, the prostitute told entertainment website Critica.com that she had an amazing time frolicking with the Biebs. “It was delicious. I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything! It was delicious. It was super delicious; because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him … he’s a love of a man! A cutie patootie!”

Further complicating the issue of Justin Bieber’s true package size are reports that Selena Gomez was disappointed after having sex with him three times and saying she’s basically still a virgin because he is so small. She made the nasty comments on a talk show, leading some in the press to speculate if Bieber is suffering from erectile dysfunction from smoking too much pot.

So which is it? Does Justin Bieber have a big package, is he way too small, or is he somewhere in between? Well, some of it may have to do with the women’s’ perception about what makes a man well-endowed. The real question is: why should we care? Well, that’s a question the public needs to ask themselves. The media is simply a mirror reflecting the public’s interest, which is measured accurately, succinctly and constantly by technology, allowing journalists to deliver exactly what you want to read.

Justin Bieber is well endowed with a big package, his Brazilian lover says, but other reports on his John Thomas conflict with this information. Only he knows the truth for sure, and undoubtedly, he thinks the first account is correct because his well-known narcissism is not in doubt by anyone.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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