Justin Bieber Hits Rock-Bottom!

Justin Bieber Hits Rock-Bottom!

Justin Bieber hits rock-bottom and possibly hasn’t even noticed it yet. Bieber must be touching ground by now or quickly spiraling toward it when so many admired celebrities, as listed by various reports, come rushing in to lend a hand and pull Bieber back to safety.

Everyone, from Tom Hanks, to his wife Rita Wilson, to Oprah and Drake, Adam Levin , Eminem, Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, and Bieber’s mom have offered a helping hand. We are sure Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun and some of Bieber’s bodyguards have also stepped in with worldly advice. Let’s not forget Bieber’s global fans. All of them, on the outside looking in, are seeing what the rest of the world is seeing – that Bieber has already hit rock-bottom and is about to suffer a shattered career and a world of broken dreams.

We all have seen it, the outlandish public behavior of the teen icon Bieber and that no matter where the megastar travels to, his persistent bad manners have dropped our jaws, left us dismayed, amused and wondering when the next astounding occurrence would happen. Bieber’s downward spiral, should it happen, is far from comical; it is heart-breaking.

Bieber is duping his fans worldwide, who pay top dollar to get the troubled singer to perform live for them. Many have ended up short-changed and disappointed by the half-shows he delivers. There are criminal charges pending against him for vandalizing buildings with his graffiti. Then, Bieber was busted for hanging out in steamy brothels, where he reportedly paid female escorts $1,200 each to privately party with him.

Then there was the incident, an utterly disrespectful stomping on the Argentina flag. The list of  Bieber’s bad behavior goes on  to include awful misdemeanors. Remember the reports alleging that Bieber had urinated publicly? What would drive such a talented young man to commit such uncouth acts that obviously do nothing to improve his public image?

Then Bieber’s bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, was recently caught assaulting a photographer and destroying the man’s camera.  All of these events have occurred within 18-months. On top of all this, Bieber has been sued twice for attacking photographers, domestically and while overseas.

If this isn’t a sign that Bieber has hit rock-bottom, then perhaps lend thought to any other public incident not noted in this commentary and you will see how quickly Beiber is spiraling downwards.

Bieber was busted for stealing a bike recently, as seen in this YouTube video. As if the entertainer with more money than God really needed to do such a thing. Perhaps, he considered such a juvenile act cool and funny. Very few agree with that point of view.

If we were to take 19-year-old once “adorable” Bieber away from all the noise, public clamoring and every negative person in his midst, for a while – he may just rebound from this journey to rock-bottom.

This young man should be embraced with genuine love. The kind of love that will not judge him or beat on him, or look to save him, or with eyes glancing toward Bieber’s money. These steps may reveal that Bieber may be hurting and thus stop the crazy misbehavior everyone has seen.  His antics have nothing to do with his mother, who raised him by herself and absolutely did her very best to love on him and raise him right. We could see Bieber loves her dearly! Certainly his transgressions have to do with some other deep hurt that Bieber has been quietly carrying deep inside. These issues, well-hidden, unresolved and building-up, have been compounded by the massive weight of fame and wealth, overwhelming him with excessive demand to perform and behave himself.

No one Bieber’s age has the wisdom of years and life experience needed to work things out on his own.  He needs someone to show him how to deal with and stomp out the hidden demons, that we all cope with. Why would it be any different for the beautifully talented Bieber? It would not, and that is likely why a host of celebrities have stepped up to aid him.

As Bieber gets closer to rock-bottom,  it would do him and everyone claiming to love him a world of good to just fall back for a minute. We should all hope and pray that he listens to any number of the kind-hearted celebrities who have reached out to him, including Selena Gomez. Bieber must know that his mother loves him and will stand by him. He could even turn to an expert therapist, if he could find any who would not be in it for the money. This young man needs assistance to help him restore the original Bieber back unto his self, before it proves too late and some terrible tragedy overtakes him. The former child star’s talent is shining as bright as ever, as seen in the video below.

Bieber, try not to hit rock-bottom, please! It is a painful experience, even for the most grown and mature adult.  Take hold of yourself, think of your Mom, and let God be your guide. We’re rooting for you, Bieber!

By Christina L. Ibbotson
(A Commentary)


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