Justin Bieber in Hot Water with Australian Officials

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It should come to no surprise to anyone that when Justin Bieber goes anywhere, he leaves his mark, but on his trip to Australia this week he might have gone too far. After staying only a few days in the Gold Coast, the super sensation is in hot water once again, this time with Australian government officials.

The Canadian pop icon along with a select few of his entourage decided to leave their mark on the Gold Coast’s QT Hotel. Cartoon characters straight form Bieber’s imagination were spray painted in bright colours onto the exterior walls. Although hotel management consider it to be a “piece of art in appreciation of his stay,” the Gold Coast’s city council doesn’t quite see it that way.

Tom Tate, Gold Coast Mayor, is making it his mission to ensure that the graffiti does not stay, commenting that “the pictures may be on private property but they are in the public view” therefore placing it within his domain to formally request to have it removed.

In various interviews Tate has requested that the 19-year old trouble maker “come back and clean up his mess”. The Goal Coast’s city council has been working very hard at their anti-graffiti campaign and unfortunately for Bieber his art-work didn’t quite fit the bill.

Fans have started to think the mayor’s concerns are just a ploy to get a free show out of the Canadian mega-star by Tate having also said he would accept a free Christmas concert from Bieber instead to demonstrate to the community he was truly sorry.

Never one to shy away from the controversy of his actions and proud of his masterpiece, Bieber posted a photo of  the cartoons on Instagram for all his fans to see. The hotel itself, in a show of solidarity to their guest also changed their Facebook display picture to a photo of the art work as well.

Justin Bieber, graffiti

Bieber is no doubt one of the most marketable images in pop-culture today (especially with his habit of ruffling feathers) so it comes as no surprise that the hotel is taking every possible action to defend their piece of the Bieber empire. Still receiving a wall of telephone calls from media and fans alike, the strategy is clearly working. In fact, the hotel has also decided since they would like to promote graffiti as an art form, they will be holding a contest for local artists to express themselves as well.

Fortunately for fans and the hotel, the attorney general in Australia has said that it is up to the hotel itself to lodge a complaint if it would like further legal actions to be put towards Bieber. With the way the media and marketing for the hotel is going so far, that’s looking pretty unlikely.

Upset locals is no stranger for the fan favourite, this incident is in a list of many from his tour this year. Having been in hot-water in Argentina after some questionable treatment of a flag, and potentially more graffiti charges in Brazil, the Australian mayor will just have to get in line.

Bieber has certainly left his mark all over the world, and now most recently Australia’s gold coast. Fans and authorities alike are anxious to see where he will make his next scene.

By Romana Outerbridge


The Guardian

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