Justin Bieber’s Blunder Down-Under

Justin Bieber spraying graffiti, while bodyguard looks on.Justin Bieber has sparked controversy “down-under” during his Australian tour. The pop phenomenon has been painting graffiti on the walls of his hotel rooms during his latest “Believe” tour, which started back in September of 2012. Some Aussie’s are considering it artwork, while others think he’s created a huge blunder.

Bieber had recently been staying at a Gold Coast hotel, when he “tagged” a wall of the hotel with his own personal graffiti in the Queensland state.  Bieber sprayed his cartoonish figures in fluorescent paint on an outside wall of his hotel earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the Gold Coast hotel confirmed that the hotel gave Bieber permission to desecrate their walls and have no plans on removing his edgy artwork. The hotel even changed their Facebook cover page to pictures of the pop sensation’s artwork. The spokesperson for the hotel says that they have no plans to remove Bieber’s artwork. The hotel acknowledges Bieber’s graffiti as artwork and thinks his contribution is a wonderful addition to the colorful Gold Coast arts scene.

Posts on the QT Hotel’s Facebook page invited other artists to share their artwork to be judged. The hotel even went so far as offering a wall in the hotel for other selected artists to spray graffiti on. The hotel said it wanted to promote the celebrity graffiti as artwork.

Not all Aussie’s were happy with him expressing himself in such a way. Tom Tate, a Gold Coast mayor, says that Bieber undermined the city council’s efforts to help fight illegal graffiti in their city. Tate was worrying that Bieber has glorified graffiti and has influence the city’s young people to think that spraying graffiti is a cool thing to do.

Justin Bieber in concert
Justin Bieber in concert on his “Believe” tour.

Tate wrote a letter to the hotel, in which Justin Bieber stayed, asking for the removal of his “down-under” art. The letter stated that the city has the right to insist on the removal of any artwork in private areas, if the artwork can be seen from public spaces. The mayor asked the hotel to have Justin Bieber remove his art with a graffiti removal kit that the city would supply. Tate expects the hotel to use the free removal kit on Bieber’s artwork, as they have zero tolerance for graffiti within the city limits. If the hotel fails to follow city orders, Tate plans on sending compliance officers to take care of Bieber’s blunder. The city issued the notice to the hotel today.

The mayor said that he has some goggles and gloves reserved for Bieber, to help protect his beautiful eyes and to be sure that he doesn’t get his hands dirty. Alternatively, Tate offered an ultimatum to the pop star. He asked Bieber to come sing at the city’s mayoral Christmas carols on December 7th. Tate said if Bieber would sing for an hour, he’d let him go.

Bieber has just finished his Latin American tour, where he apologized to Argentineans after images appeared showing Bieber dragging the country’s flag across the stage during his concert. Bieber also ended one concert early when he appeared to have contracted food poisoning.

Brazilian police also want to question the Canadian pop star about another graffiti instance in their country. Bieber recently created controversy while in Brazil, when a supposed “lady of the evening” posted pictures of him sleeping in his hotel room.

Justin Bieber performed for Brisbane fans on Wednesday, and continues his down-under tour in Sydney on Friday and Saturday. Whether the pop star’s graffiti is a blunder or not seems to be a matter of artistic opinion.

By Brent Matsalla

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