Kanye West: Love or the Look of It?


Kanye West: Love or the Look of It?

Kanye West was recently in the news again that for featuring Kim Kardashian his other half in his video. Well… That’s it. That’s the news. I could be wrong, but isn’t that exactly what twitter was made for? How it got to make frontline news is a bit perturbing. Oh.. And according to Mr Kanye West, the most beautiful woman who ever lived is.. well.. Kanye West’s other half.

For now, it’s the ‘Kimye’ thing getting making the headlines. First there was DVB (the Beckhams), then ‘Brangelina’.  And they actively promote these things as a brand. See? Only examples of couples still together is being cited here. And that’s to show and demonstrate that, there is nothing wrong with love and romantic stories. Classic tunes like Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’ Endless Love and Jim Reeves’ Roses are red will remain evergreen in all our minds. It will never be wrong or frowned at to fall in love. Real genuine love.

What seems to cause a few frowns however is what looks like a craze around the place of an endless flirt and fascination with the idea of being one half of a couple just because it looks cool and acceptable. The seemingly unending fantasy of the idea of being in love rather than being in love itself. Kanye West recently said his wife should be mentioned in the same breath as Michelle Obama. Yes, the first lady of the United States of America. The one the governors call ‘ma’. Do a google image search for Michelle Obama and the results speak elegance, class, fashion, just general excellence. Do the same for Mrs West and let’s just say you don’t want to be in church or office when the images come up, at least not with your boss or pastor watching.

The thing is Kanye West like many other popular people seems to be fascinated by the idea of being a part of a couple. They keep us updated via twitter of everything that’s going on with them. And then go ahead and beat up paparazzi for intruding into their private lives when they really arguably have gone. It’s very much doubtful if a photographer or paparazzi would have got a picture Kim wearing the white thing she was wearing the other day which Mrs West not only took but very happily shared. It was even reported that Kanye West himself was in on the whole process beforehand.

We seem to live in a world where the idea of marriage has more followers than actual marriage itself. A world where the ones who are meant to be examples to younger ones are acting as childish as ever.

While there are those who are genuinely in love even among celebrities, it looks like there more in it for self-promotion and looking cute and responsible rather than what they claim. Those who would lean more towards the idea of looking good in a picture than the happiness of the ones they’re taking the picture with. People who would rather give a twitter shout-out to their significant other than a true well-meaning text message from phone to phone.

The point is if marriages and relationships are more inclined towards press interview expressions of live rather than a silent whisper in the middle of the night, something is not quite right. Kanye West’s feeling and public comments about Kim Kardashian are either true heartfelt feelings of a man in love or just attention seeking antics of a man seeking attention to be drawn to what he considers a good thing going on in his life.

By Olajide Jatto


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