Katy Perry Kiss and Tell

Katy Perry Kiss and TellIn a week when Sir Mick Jagger was at pains to point out that he had not made a pass at 18 year old Katy Perry, it was announced she was getting married again.  But this time, is Katy telling the truth about who she’s really been kissing, or is she telling porky pies?  Since her marriage to the madcap maverick English comedian Russell Brand, whom she said she “really loved” has finished, Katy has been playing a guessing games with fans as to what Katy Will Do Next.

Although Katy Perry is now in a relationship with John Mayer, a One Direction band member was eager to tell their over one million fans on Twitter that he and Katy were getting hitched. It hardly met with a roar of approval. One Direction’s legions of screaming teenage followers don’t want to see any of their favorite boy band getting serious with anyone else. Niall Horan has been publically flirting with Ms Perry for quite a while, and when they found themselves both in Tokyo on tour with their respective new albums, he decided to make it official.  “She said yes!” he tweeted, and female hearts all over the globe skipped a beat.

Niall’s cheeky tweet went on to say “It’s happening! Haha” and he posted an Instagram shot of the two canoodling backstage with the raven-haired Katy pouting against his face and snuggled up tight.  His offer to take Katy’s hand in marriage had been made the previous day as he saw her performing in the X Factor.   He said, “I love you@katyperry! Thank you! Ps. Will u marry me?” The show has a special relevance for them as it was during Katy’s turn as a guest judge that One Direction first shot to fame.  They were awkward young lads there for their first audition and Katy’s support helped propel them to stardom. Now they are on the 100 date Take Me Home tour and Katy is promoting her new album Prism.  Serendipitously, their itineraries took them to Japan on the same day to allow for the official celebration pictures of the “engagement.”  One Direction fans can sleep easy. It is all just a big joke. Or is it?article-0-19226EBC00000578-777_634x203

Katy, 29, has not been shy about her affection for 20 year old Niall. When she kissed him before at the MTV Music Awards in 2012, all he could tell was that it was very purple. Katy was wearing purple lipstick at the time she went in for the mega-smooch, televised to the masses.  In a purple haze, he swooned “I don’t think there will ever be anything cooler than kissing her….” and then the tease “until I marry her maybe.”

Katy Perry, in Kiss and Tell mode, had advised her own followers that if One Direction were not there at the awards, she would “JUMP OFF THIS LEDGE.”  She got her way, and her kiss, and the band got the Best Pop Video.

Someone else who is fairly well renowned for their lips is veteran rock legend, Mick Jagger. Not taking this as a laughing matter, he has gone to the pains of issuing an official statement to vehemently deny that he “hit on” Katy when she was a backing singer for him. The crinkly crooner “categorically denies” the claim she made on an Australian radio station, and thinks she might be confused and have the wrong person. Though how anybody could ever confuse Mick Jagger with anyone else is a bit of a mystery.  Katy didn’t say that Mick had pressed his impressive smackers on her, but she did say they’d gone to dinner and he’d made a pass.Unknown-2

In a bizarre twist as to how she got out of the impending predicament of having to turn down the old man of rock, Katy confessed “You sacrifice your friend.”  Katy’s girlfriends may be either queuing up, or backing off, after such a statement.

So is it wedding bells for Katy and Niall? Probably not. Niall seems to have switched from romance to bromance, with today’s tweets showing him buddying up with singer Olly Murs, also in Japan, as a support act for the boys

No matter who Katy Perry kisses, no doubt she will tell us, when she finds she has stopped with the frogs and found her true prince at last.

By Kate Henderson

Daily Mirror

BBC News

Daily Mail

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