Lady Gaga in Outer Space the Final Frontier

Lady Gaga in Outer Space the Final Frontier

Can you hear it? The winds of space will soon by echoing with Lady Gaga’s voice. Set for spring on 2015, she will sing to the world from out of this world platform. She will be the first for the Zero G Colony high-tech musical festival in New Mexico. Zero G is a three day high tech festival featuring a on slot of talent and Lady Gag being the finally. The festival will be held at America’s Spaceport in
New Mexico.

And who is taking her to her high altitude performance? None other than Virgin Galactic. With her out of this world personality and an out of this world kind of company making it the first in everything entertaining. NBC has report that are paying about $250,000.00 per-seat and that 650 customers have already signed on for the virgin flight. Lady Gaga has been doing voice strengthening for her journey into the atmosphere report from a source. Who also states that her unique stylists will be tagging along for the ride. What exciting and different outfit have they prepared for her?

It also has been reported from a source that Lady Gaga has bought a large Life Insurance police for just encase. Does she have reason to fear? Yes, I believe she does, as of this year Virgin Galactic is still in test flight stage of their operations. Having a test flight this last September. Their ship only making it to 69,000 feet (21 kilometers) at a max speed of Mach 1.43. Sooner or later they plan on breaking the 62 mile (100 kilometers) but yet to have a strong enough engine to do so. Their spaceship is carried on the back of another plan to get them as far as their currently going. In two year they expect to have a fully functioning rocket engine to carry Lady Gaga and customers into space, so she can sign and entertain the masses.

The company seems confident about their virgin flight. Originally Richard Branson wanted to be flying customers into space by 2007, but with developing dilemmas and a deadly explosion in 2007 with their ground tests. It seems like our pop star indeed have things to worry about, not just what she is going to wear to the concert, but if she’s going to come back from it.

Though it is new and exciting to see people grab for out of this world entertainment to bring smiles on each and everyone of our faces as we watch in aw. The advancement of our technology to bring us to new heights. There’s no rush, we will get there. As for Lady Gaga, I understand the fear she might have or even does have going on new this adventure. I think few more years wait and then it will be
safe for all of to venture into space. The more I dig to write this article, the more I can see the danger if we rush this. Lives are at steak here. Those who have paid to ride the Virgin Galactic spaceship and an icon in the music world. I remember the day the shuttle blew with a teacher. And NAS had how many years to perfect their shuttles into space?

By Zondra Mae

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