GTA V Update 1.05 Finally Brings Stimulus Package

GTA V update 1.05 and stimulus package

Then next time you try to play your copy of GTA V (while connected to the internet) you will be prompted to download the latest free update 1.05. This update aims to finally fix problems with missing cars, cash, and other progress. This update also means that Rockstar is ready to give you your already postponed stimulus package you have all been waiting so long for.

Those that have been playing GTA V are likely aware of the detail and amount of work put into the game. With so much in the game and so much going on it is to be expected that gamers would have issues, especially with GTA Online. Some glitches and bugs in GTA V are random and not very destructive but others have of course have caused players to lose progress.

Those that have been waiting patiently are likely irritated with the constant push backs of the stimulus package, which comes as a gift from Rockstar for $500,000 of in-game money when playing GTA Online. The Stimulus package was anticipated weeks ago and has been pushed back multiple times because people playing GTA Online were losing their all sorts of things that shouldn’t have been lost. Rockstar wanted to ensure that gamers that received their stimulus package wouldn’t lose it because of technical issues.

This new update is said to fix three big problems. Problem one comes from issues with the cloud outage and progress being lost. Problem two comes from players losing their cash balances due to network malfunctions. Problem three comes from players losing online vehicles when exiting the game. Supposedly this new update takes direct aim at fixing all three of these issues which will greatly improve GTA Online.

With the problems of losing goodies having hopefully been dealt with, Rockstar finally begins to roll out the red carpet. Rockstar says that the stimulus package will arrive for all in a few days time. They also urge players to be patient because the payout will be taking place over the length of a full day, if your friend gets it and you don’t, just wait it out, you’ll get your GTA$. To find your money simply check your bank balance in GTA Online after being connected.

With the update 1.05 being live it is likely that the wait will finally be over and those playing GTA Online will finally be able to lavish themselves in money if they haven’t cheated the game or earned enough to do so already. Rockstar thanks the gamers by saying, “a big thank you to GTA Online players worldwide for your continued patience and understanding.” Rockstar is committed to fixing issues with the game and creating the best experience. If you have problems Rockstar highly encourages you to send them an email at because the feedback from players is what is pushing the game to new heights.

Will update 1.05 be the last piece necessary for fixing GTA Online? Rockstar seems to think so but they are still always working towards making GTA V and GTA Online even better. With the stimulus package on the horizon another push back would be exactly what the gamers as well as Rockstar hope to avoid.



By Garrett Jutte


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