Lady Gaga Talks Bisexuality

Lady Gaga Discusses Bisexuality
In an overly used pun, Lady Gaga talks bisexuality and what it’s like to be born this way in the latest edition of Attitude magazine. In the interview pop star Lady Gaga answered to critics and fans who doubted the sincerity of her admission.

Lady Gaga, not known for being reserved, chastised a crowd at Berghain Club in Berlin, Germany, for doubting her sexual preference, saying that she doesn’t “need to eat pussy in front of the whole world for people to take me seriously.” The comments come after people doubted her sincerity on being bisexual.

Lady Gaga is an outspoken advocate of gay rights, openly protesting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law which mandated serving military officers to keep their sexuality a secret. Her voice along with other critics of the law helped to repeal the discriminatory practice.

When Lady Gaga came out as bisexual in 2009 in an interview with Barbara Walters, the overwhelming response from her fans was positive. Yet despite her candid and sincere confession, many have attacked her, claiming she was utilizing bisexuality as a marketing technique to boost her fame.

“It’s not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into ‘she says she’s bisexual for marketing,’ this is a f-ing lie. This is who I am and who I have always been.” said Lady Gaga during the Q&A at the Berghain Club in Berlin.

The question of the legitimacy of bisexuality runs rampant amongst scientists, as well as those in the gay community. The common perception among people who don’t believe in bisexuality is that it is an excuse to justify promiscuous behavior, or that it’s simply a gay person’s “cold feet” to not have to commit to identifying as gay. Lady Gaga refutes these claims, saying that bisexuality is something that not only her, but millions of individuals around the world can identify with, and live with as a sexual preference.

“I know I am not just a lesbian- I have a boyfriend,” Lady Gaga continued by saying that critics can believe her or not, and that she is trying not to be controversial, simply honest.

Whether or not you believe her, what can be said is that the traditional definitions behind sexual orientation are rapidly changing, with new identities and possibilities being revealed and categorized. What started out as a “gay and lesbian” movement has latched on a couple of extra identifications, among them the bisexual and transsexual movement, now known as the LGBT movement.

As an openly bisexual woman, Lady Gaga stands as somewhat of a symbol for the LGBT community as they fight for equal rights in the face of discrimination. As the march towards greater acceptance of these previously outcast members of society continues, Lady Gaga promises to stand up for equal rights for those identifying with the LGBT community and promote acceptance of the cause.

Lady Gaga’s latest album ARTPOP is officially hitting stores November 11 and her full interview is available in Attitude magazine and online.

by John Amaruso

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2 Responses to "Lady Gaga Talks Bisexuality"

  1. Andahlya   December 27, 2015 at 12:34 am

    I think this guy’s response is preposterous. Perhaps the reason there are “suddenly” more bisexuals in the open now due to society in itself. I know for a fact how duplicitous it is for the LGBT community as well as heterosexuals to refute that bisexuality is an actual sexual preference. I’ve heard it all, especially those hoards of guys that jump like excited children when a girl admits to being bi that it means an automatic consent for some threesome. It’s sickening, really. I’m one of those bisexual girls that seems more at war than feeling like I should be supported for just being who I am rather than some anomaly. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that we’re off-the-market for some guy that wants to settle down, nor is it some ruse to not fully come out as a lesbian. It means, for me at least, to be that it does not matter the gender; if you love someone, that’s who you love. I have only dated men, but to deny the fact that I do indeed have an attraction to women would be to deny who I am in all its’ many facets. People are complicatedly unique; it’s never just one way or another, but often times neither or both all at once. It’s opinions like the comment above that are limiting our society to truly accept a person for who they are; not just what is socially acceptable at the time. We need to move forward, people.

  2. The Real True Answer   November 11, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Just how many Gay And Bi Women do we have nowadays?, Especially since there are so many of us Straight Men out there that are looking to meet a Good Woman to settle down with which it is really very hard for us right now. I certainly speak for myself as well for the other men that i know will feel the same way like i do since the Lesbian Population has certainly increased over the years, and that is Very Sad for us Good Men that are seriously looking to have a love life. A friend that i know had his wife leave him for another woman which it is very sad since they have children, and it is always the children that will suffer because of this. I never realized that there were so many of these type of women out there today which are the Real Problem. It is Very Obvious why many of us men are still single, and we’re not to Blame at all. I would really guess that most likely many of these women have been Very Badly Abused by the men that they were with at one time, or your Parents must had Abused you when you were growing up at one time.

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