Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant May Be Back Sooner Than You Think

Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has been sidelined with an Achilles tendon tear, but may be back to ripping up the league sooner than you think. Bryant has not specified a target date of return but is practicing again. He has confirmed that he will remain patient with the recovery to avoid over-exerting himself too early and potentially reinjuring himself. Bryant remains confident he will be back playing very soon. When asked if he could see himself playing in November he had this to say: “I saw myself playing today.” So the king of the court is obviously optimistic about returning very soon.

The Lakers will be playing the Golden State Warriors at home on Friday. Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni said he sees it as nearly impossible that Bryant would return so soon. Kobe Bryant himself disagrees since he has said that he feels like he could be playing anytime now, and is ready to be contributing to the team again in games and not just practice. The current timeline set by trainers is closer to a mid-December return, but any advancement or setbacks in the recovery process could easily alter that.

Bryant may not be completely 100% yet, but he has been completely cleared medically to participate in any on court activities. When he made his first appearance back at practice on Saturday, his teammates were shocked at how hard he was pushing himself. He is obviously showing a lot of commitment to the recovery and conditioning process to ensure he is in game form as soon as possible. It is pretty clear that Bryant is eager to get back to playing.

It seems he has something to prove now that Lebron James is not the complete under-dog in the best NBA player debates. With three consecutive finals appearances that lead to two championship rings for James, it is time for Bryant to get his team going again and possibly put an end to the reign of “King” James.

The LA Lakers will be in a substantially better position once they have Bryant back. He averaged 27 points last season, along with an average of 5.3 rebounds. So with that kind of consistent offense back on a team with star defensive player Steve Nash shutting down the other teams, expect Bryant’s return to boost the Los Angeles Lakers up in the standings. They are currently 5-7 and sit fourth in the Pacific Division ahead of only Sacramento. The LA Lakers have under-performed against their conference winning only three and losing seven games, as well as only winning only one of four on the road so far. Their home record is still a respectable four wins with three loses though.

On top of that with the added boost of the fans excitement levels at home games once Bryant is back in the lineup, there will definitely be a winning atmosphere around the team. This will inevitably leave a hard challenge in front of any team wishing to come into their barn and leave with a victory.

By Brandon Webb

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