Miami Dolphins Disheartening Dilemma

Miami Dolphins Disheartening Dilemma
Okay so here’s a touchy subject. Several NFL players are sharing their opinions on the hazing done to rookie Jonathan Martin, and frankly I have to disagree with some of them. I share their beliefs as to why hazing can be a fun game to mess with rookies, and potentially “toughen them up”. I’ve even been a part of being hazed from hockey teams, and eventually getting to haze the rookies myself, but it’s clear in this case it was taken way too far.

These guys are “professional” athletes and they need to realize that if they mess with someone psychologically, and lower their morale by degrading them, it will make a significant and possibly lasting effect on that player’s performance. So in the end you’re really only hurting your team as a whole. A lot of coaches don’t even like players having sex the night before game day because of the potential energy loss it could cause. Imagine the decrease in performance an unmotivated and stressed out player would have, especially when the guys who are supposed to be supporting him are the one’s dealing out the harassment. He virtually has no one to turn to, and the most disgusting part is that the coaches of the Miami Dolphins were condoning it.

Some of the rookie hazing done on my hockey teams were simple things like rookies having to pick up all the pucks at the end of practice, or having to contribute two dollars for every game or practice they showed up late to, and the funds went towards a team party down the road. We did have some worse things that usually happened at the begging of the season such as the cracker game, but I won’t get into that now, and I’m sure some of you already know what I’m talking about anyways.

Here’s the part that I really didn’t like. "In a press conference Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill told reporters that “If you asked Jonathan Martin who his best friend is on this team two weeks ago, he’d say Richie Incognito. It’s tough for us to sit here and hear all that when we have each others’ backs.”

Maybe that’s what Ryan saw, but I don’t think someone’s opinion would drastically change that easily, besides even if that were the case Ryan is doing a better job of defending Incognito than he is sticking up for the teammate receiving the damage. How about at least saying what was done had gone too far, and potentially trying to fix the problem between the two, but because Jonathan Martin is now gone, I suppose he doesn’t feel the need to. To me this shows the guy’s true character, and what the mindset of that locker room is; only re-enforcing the idea that unacceptable behavior was going on within the Miami Dolphins locker room. I really don’t blame Martin for not wanting to stick with this team, and anyone who thinks him coming out about being bullied, rather than hazed as they like to call it, is a pretty terrible teammate in my opinion. It’s a shame that a professional organization can condone racism and harassment, and I think this whole team needs to give their head a shake and figure out what their priorities are, because if you look back at this team’s history the past decade or so, it sure doesn’t seem to be winning games.

By Brandon Webb

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