Guilty Kanye West Pleads Not Guilty [video]

The Adventures of Yeezy

Kanye  West attacks paparazzi Kanye West, by way of his attorney, pleads not guilty on Thursday to allegedly attacking the paparazzi. The alleged assault happened outside of the Los Angeles Airport In July 2013.

A photographer names Ramos was snapping photos of West when the unhappy rapper tried to take the camera away. Ramos and West tussled a bit before West ended up standing over a horizontal Ramos.

West claimed he didn’t hurt the paparazzi; he said Ramos was just being over dramatic.

Whether or not West is guilty of hurting the paparazzi or, as is his claim, acting in self defense; he is definitely guilty of so much more.

From tantrums to tirades, West is well known for his guilty pleasure of causing a disruption. If past behavior is an indication of future behavior Mr. West will continue to be guilty; without a doubt.

Here are few of the classic moments where West was found guilty:

  • 2004 American Music Awards: West lost best new artist to Gretchen Wilson and, true to his character, he stormed out of the show like a whirl wind.
  • 2006 Hurricane Katrina Telethon: During a live fund raising telethon for the Katrina victims, West went on a rant criticizing the way the government handled, or failed to handle, the hurricane tragedy. He culminated his tirade, before being cut off, with this infamous statement, “…George Bush don’t care about black people.”
  • 2006 MTV Awards: West won the award for best hip-hop artist but that was not enough. When the video category was announced he lost to Justice vs. Simian and crashed the stage; interrupting their acceptance speech. Again he offered an angry profanity-laced outburst saying, “Any award show where I don’t win loses credibility.”
  • 2007 VMA Awards: West attended the awards show with five nominations but didn’t win one trophy. The fact the West was going home empty handed set him off. He yells, this time backstage, “That’s two years in a row; give a black man a chance!” He then announces to anyone visible that he would never return to a MTV award show.
  • 2008 Altercation with the paparazzi: West was arrested for causing damage to a photographer’s camera. West was hit with a misdemeanor battery, vandalism and grand theft. He pled not guilty.
  • 2009 VMA Awards: West interrupts Taylor Swift as she attempting to accept the best female video award. Again, West runs on stage, snatches the microphone out of Swift’s hands and began airing his objections. He grabs the mic and says, “I’m sorry, Beyoncé had the best video of all time!”

There are too many to really name but just recently he called out Jimmy Kimmel because he didn’t like the spoof of his BBC interview. He tried to start a twitter war with the late night television host only to be clowned by Kimmel.

After all of the criticism this rapper has received I would be wrong if I failed to mention that he is also guilty of being extremely talented. He is way more arrogant than most but he is also a great producer who is creative and full of talent. He’s brilliant when it comes to his music but a jerk when it comes to his public representation.

West is an over-the-top, self absorbed celebrity with style, bravado and a loud and obnoxious persona. Despite being out of touch with reality he is a highly gifted individual.

A guilty Kanye West has again pled not guilty to attacking the paparazzi at the Los Angeles Airport. He claims he acted out of self defense but he is, in fact, guilty of so much more. Stay tuned for more outrageous moments from Mr. West.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

NY Daily News


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