Microsoft Opens Fire on Google


Microsoft, who has been replaced by Google as the head honcho of the internet, has recently begun to openly insult and attack Google. The company now sells anti-Google mugs and apparel, and have been actively spreading use of the word “Scroogle,” which was originally a search engine that allowed people to search the internet anonymously. Microsoft is now using this term in their campaign against Google.

Microsoft originally started the campaign to get users to leave Google and join their They began using the slogan, “Don’t get Scroogled by Gmail!”

The company has released several other slogans to go on their new products. For example, the company has begun producing shirts that say, “Think Google respects your privacy? Think again!” Microsoft spokesmen explained that this referred to the belief that Google is spying on their users’ emails. They claim that Google has been looking at every email that is sent and received, and are using keywords to be able to create adds unique to the user’s interests. This is, of course, to say nothing of the amount of surveillance that is put on the search engine itself.


This may sound like just another conspiracy theory developed by a jealous competitor, but the idea admittedly has some merit. Very often will a user find advertisements popping up on screen reflecting a recent search or email reference. How is Google doing that if they aren’t monitoring activity to some extent? This question and others like it are precisely what Microsoft picks on to make their case against their competitors.

However, it’s also important to question why Google would even want to read people’s stuff. It isn’t a political company, and they can use search history to create advertisements that appeal to specific users. In fact, Google workers were furious after the NSA scandal revealed that Gmail accounts were being infiltrated. If Google was bent on spying on people, why would they be so openly angry over the situation? Speculations, speculations.

Microsoft hasn’t stopped there. The company launched a website ( that had 3.5 million visitors not long after it was created. Spokesmen from Microsoft previously stated that people were already weary of Google as it was, and about 115,000 people signed a petition in an effort to keep the company from snooping through their accounts.

Even though Microsoft’s email website also features advertisements, the company stated that they only time emails are scanned is to detect viruses and other things that can be harmful to a user’s computer. There are no secret words or keywords used to secretly spy on people.

Microsoft has revealed that they are in the process of developing additions to the anti-Google campaign. Spokesmen said that, since the campaign has been doing well thus far, there’s no reason to stop. Google should not be let off so easy just because it controls such a large chunk of the internet.


On the subject of privacy, a Google spokesman stated that the reason there are advertisements is to keep the websites free. They claimed that the only time emails are touched is when they are being scanned for viruses, and that no humans lay eyes on any individual emails.

A likely story.

By: Hend Salah




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