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For years, people have sold Microsoft products from their homes through the auction website, eBay. While some may question the legalities over that, it was the place to be for an easy and quick transaction and to find Microsoft products at a low price. Microsoft have launched into the world of eBay with a store that is now finally available.

The Official Microsoft Blog was updated on November 19 with the announcement that US customers would now be able to shop for their products through the auction site. It comes after calls for the company to offer more options for buying the products. While products were available second-hand, people wanted first-hand products from a safe environment.

It makes sense for the tech giant to opt for this environment. eBay already serves 124 million people around the world. However, those globally will have to wait to get their hands on the products. The new store is only available to customers within the United States. Like many US-based companies, it is a trial run to see how well it does. If it proves successful, it will likely expand to the rest of the world.

The new eBay Microsoft store now available is aptly named Microsoft Store. There is no need for gimmicks when it comes to this PC company. The simply name makes it clear who they are and installs trust from the customers. The store front is stylish and unlike many other eBay stores. The companies have worked together to show off the brand and products for customers on the website.

There are different categories for the products: Surface, Xbox, Accessories, Refurbished and Deals. Each of these categories house the majority of items that people are looking for, whether it is the latest Surface tablet, the Xbox One or even a new control pad for their gaming device. There is some cross-over in the categories, with the keyboards for the Surface tablets being in Surface and Accessories for example.

Whether the store will survive is another question. Many of the products are still sold at the regular price. There are a few discounts, which are available on the Deals page, but they’re not quite as low as others sell them at. However, it does give a benchmark for bidding wars. If Microsoft is selling the products first-hand for a set price, why go higher than that for a second-hand model?

There is a slight flaw in the selected products available. It seems that the company is focusing on products that are going to sell over the holiday season; just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, some of the everyday items and products that people need are not including, such as Microsoft Office and the operating systems.

There is no need to worry about changes to policy to fit eBay. Customers will have the same free shipping and returns policy as they would when shopping from Microsoft’s own store or any of the retailers online.

The Microsoft eBay store is now available just in time for the holiday season. The question on many shoppers lips is likely when other companies are going to follow suit. There was a store called Refurbished Outlet that sold Apple products but it was never confirmed that it was their own store and it disappeared just as silently as it appeared in April. Will this push the company to try again and announce an Apple eBay store to compete with Microsoft?

By Alexandria Ingham

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  1. Foo Bar   February 20, 2015 at 5:19 am

    Based on my experience the Microsoft Store on eBay seems to be a a different company sanctioned by MS to sell their products. They are misinformed about their products and provide false information. I have sent them questions worded politely and they never respond. I purchased a new tablet and it arrived with multiple defects and appeared used. On second thought perhaps it really is run by MS…


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