Miley Cyrus: 5 Reasons to Leave Her Alone

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It seems like these days everyone is always talking about the same exact person all the time: Miley Cyrus. Miley haters and fans alike seem to have nothing better to talk about than her newest makeover, outlandish behavior or latest tongue action. Despite the vicious hate that is being expressed toward the finally-legal pop singer, she continues to do and say things that people find outrageous. Among all of the attacks both online and in print, no one seems to be able to fully answer one very important question: Why do we care so much about Miley Cyrus?

I personally see no reason that anyone should say that they “hate” her, but here are five common reasons people cite and why they are invalid.


1. She’s a bad influence

On who? If your answer is kids, then maybe everyone should think about all the other terrible things in the world that could lead to children exhibiting bad behavior. No one should have to filter their actions for fear that it will someone will copy them, and if kids are such a major concern, then maybe parents should learn a thing or two about discipline. Blaming Miley Cyrus for your out of control kids is just ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus

2. It’s disgusting to see

Don’t look.

Miley Cyrus

3. She’s ruining music

So are Selena Gomez and One Direction, and yet no one is burning them at the stake. Has anyone heard “Best Song Ever” or “Slow Down?” Musical terrorism, my friends. That’s no reason to “hate” her. I personally think all mainstream music is trash, but I don’t hate the artists for creating/writing it.

Miley Cyrus


4. She’s a slut

Let me begin by saying that I think everyone has a twisted view of this term. A “slut” is not someone who dresses in skimpy clothes, participates in overly-sexual displays or even–if you can believe it–has an unhealthy obsession with her tongue. A “slut” is someone who sleeps around and has a new partner every other day. Recall for just a moment that Miley Cyrus was engaged for quite a long time. I wouldn’t classify her as a “slut.” Instead of personally attacking Miley, can we stop and think about how Taylor is “never, ever getting back together” with about 25 different guys? Like ever?

Miley Cyrus

5. She’s just doing it for attention

Then why give her what she wants? If she’s just attention-seeking and you want her to stop, why do you give her any of your attention? Miley Cyrus is fully aware of all the hate being directed toward her, and she obviously revels in it. Don’t pay attention to her and she’ll probably call it quits.

Miley Cyrus

I’m not saying it’s not cool for people to not like her. All of us have moments when we don’t particularly like someone for no reason at all. What’s not cool is the vicious comments and unnecessary hate that is directed toward this girl.

I myself don’t particularly like her. I don’t enjoy hearing everyone whine and complain about her everywhere I go, and I don’t like seeing her newest lude outburst. My point is, if you don’t want to hear about someone, don’t keep talking about them, making jokes about them, posting pictures of them or writing articles about them.

I may be part of the problem.


By: Hend Salah


Daily News


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