Miley Cyrus Disgusting Says Joan Rivers Proof Popstar Not for Old People

Miley Cyrus Disgusting Says Joan Rivers Proof that the Popstar is not for old people

80 year-old Joan Rivers says that Miley Cyrus is disgusting; proof positive that the 20 year-old popstar is not for old people as declared by her music video and MTV VMA director Diane Martel. Back in August when Cyrus performed live on the Video Music Awards she created a cyclone of controversial publicity with the twerking antics in the crotch of fellow entertainer Robin Thicke.

Splutters of parental outrage were heard across the globe after the scantily clad singer “masturbated” with a giant foam hand onstage and stripped down from her “teddy” to flesh colored underwear to cavort lasciviously with Thicke during his performance on the MTV live event.

After the waves of discontent continued to rise, Martel, who specialises in music videos, got on her own high horse to wag her finger at the older members of the audience who did not like the sexual over the top performance of Miley. According to Martel, Miley Cyrus is not for “old people.” Apparently Joan Rivers agrees with Martel.

Speaking to the United Kingdom publication OK! magazine, Rivers wanted to go on record with her opinion of Cyrus and the change that her career was taking. Joan may be four times older than the former Hannah Montana, but, pulling on decades of show business experience she told the mag that Miley needed to “know” her audience. She said that Cyrus had taken it far enough, her core audience was 17 year-old girls and her disgusting behaviour needed to stop.

So it is Joan Rivers’ opinion that Miley Cyrus is disgusting and she proves Diane Martel’s opinion that Miley is not for old people. Although the age group that Martel was apparently pointing to was, perhaps, not quite as old as Rivers.

Joan, whose own daughter is over twice Miley’s age at 45, explained that she never would have allowed her Melissa to attend an event like the Video Music Awards. Rivers, who has a career that stretches a longer time span than Cyrus has been alive, says that there have to be rules. A set of “checks and balances” for these “young kids.”

It is apparent that the 80 year-old entertainer is not comfortable with the freedom that the internet brings to youngsters in this computerised age. She feels there should be more authority figures to help keep things in perspective.

Meanwhile, Rivers has some support in her views from another area. Miley Cyrus’ old neighborhood. Folks who remember the young cheerleader growing up in her hometown say that the pixie-haired sex machine is not the same “sweet as can be” girl they knew. Apparently, Miley has been corrupted by all her success.

Of course the average age of the hometown denizens who believe that Miley has been openly corrupted by Hollywood and all it stands for is around 60 plus. This advanced age group obviously have more in common with Rivers than with Miley. One of the ladies who spoke to the United Kingdom publication Daily Mail, Judy Reynolds, is a member of the local church.

Of all the places that one can envision Miley Cyrus being comfortable in, a church would not be on the list. This older church-going Grandma did say that she had not watched the MTV show. She did admit to seeing parts of Miley’s performance on the news afterward. Grandma’s reaction? “Horror,” says the elderly resident of Cyrus’ hometown in Franklin, Tennessee.

So presumably, 64 year-old Reynolds agrees with the Joan River pronouncement. Miley Cyrus may be disgusting and “corrupt” but, then again, she is not for old people. Wrinkly members of society should avoid all things Cyrus. The little girl who went to church and wagged her pom-poms is wagging something else now. For Miley, though, it is all in a day’s twerk.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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