Miley Cyrus – Don’t Model Her Role

Miley Cyrus
Remember this kid?

Miley Cyrus. Wow, what a transformation. Does anybody remember this innocent face anymore? Because of recent performances and the buzz that has surrounded her recent public actions, everybody has been fixated on this new sex-goddess type character that bares very little resemblance to the young innocent kid who was placed on the big stage early in her youth. Just looking at images from the earlier parts of her career, one can easily get caught silently asking whether early Miley and present-day Miley are even remotely related. The irony of an article about an individual like Miley Cyrus, which would instruct individuals not to model her role, is well understood. Those concerned with what Miley Cyrus represents might be made up to a large degree of adults and parents hoping to protect their children from the depressing future that awaits those who model their lives on a track like hers.

Most recently, Miley was in the news due to a break in at a residence which matches her address. Followers of the popular pop icon diligently followed all communication tweeted and released regarding the break-in at what is assumed to be Miley’s home.

More often than not however, Miley has been in the public eye recently for acting in a manner that would have made your average pre-1960’s mobster blush. It is amazing to see the transformation of a young Hollywood celebrity with so much talent, who is taken from an innocent child on to a pimped out brand. Managed and operated, often to personal detriment, for the benefit of media, entertainment, and corporate interests.

When considering that Miley Cyrus boasts more than 15 million Twitter followers, along with youtube video’s that have amassed hundreds of millions of views. This could be the little girl that many, many little girls are growing up dreaming to imitate. Consider for a moment the social implications of this. The once innocent, sweet kid that was Miley Cyrus is marketed today in a totally foreign manner to how she grew up. So different in fact, that it seems appropriate to provide some type of “well-being disclaimer” to young girls who would treat Cyrus as a role model today. It could read something like, “be advised that following, mimicking, looking up to, respecting, or even excessively watching the behavior of Miley Cyrus could lead to upset stomach, dizziness, nausea, pregnancy, stress, and possible personal harm.”

Take a look at the transformation:

Miley Cyrus
Here is the sweet face that once was characterized Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus
She was growing up into a beautiful young lady.


It is difficult to really see into the inner thoughts and circumstance which must pressure young celebrities. But what they show on the outside provide an insight, as limit as it might be, into the thoughts and ideas which are governing their lives.

So, what was it that made a young lady who was a picture of innocence change course? Why did Miley deviate so far from the course which see seemed to be on when she was growing up an innocent kid in the spotlight?


Miley Cyrus
At one point, Cyrus seemed to be the picture of the sweet “All-american” girl.


But where has the entertainment circuit landed the young celeb these days?


Miley Cyrus
One of the more appropriate images that can be found on a simple google search for the famous entertainer.

One of the more interesting characteristics of the transformation of the pop icon, is that it seems to be a familiar trend among such performers. Christina Aguilera, along with Brittany Spears seem to have followed a similar path of innocent to not so innocent through their professional careers. In any case, it seems apparent that when it come to Miley Cyrus, it may be wise when viewing her recent behavior, that you may not want to model your life use her as a role model.

By Daniel Worku

Huffington Post

NY Daily News