Miley Cyrus: Growing Up or Growing Old?

What do Girls Really Think?

Miley Cyrus: Growing Up or Growing Old?


Anyone who has teenage girls probably remember when they were younger eagerly tuning in to the Disney channel to watch their idol Miley Cyrus. I have two of those, my daughters would ask to watch Hannah Montana. The Disney Channel franchise hit bank as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus hit the screen. Producing a clothing and shoe line, toys, and all kinds of various merchandise making birthdays and Christmas easy to shop for. Winning music awards and appearing on the big screen in several movies. Now? Well, I could get away with a package of Band-Aids for clothes, thigh high pleather boots, and an enormous wrecking ball.

Miley Cyrus was indeed as Hannah Montana was indeed a cash cow and every little girls idol. I know back then my house was filled with her music and that iconic southern accent, the hamper full her clothes, and sparkly shoes that lit up when you walked. Times two. Yes, many mothers were okay with Miley Cyrus gracing their television screens and buying the “stuff” that their daughters demanded. But now? I know for myself being open minded and free thinking I see Miley now and I can understand wanting to break through that Hannah Montana wall that most every child star eventually want to break from. Is she doing it right? Some think she has gone too far while others absolutely love what she is doing. By some I mean even celebrities like Sinead O’Connor, have tried to reach out to her saying “Be yourself but, go easy. Look at what you’re doing.”, as Miley rolls full steam ahead.

Is she being artistic in her journey to break the mold, or just a plain attention- ahem- whore? I wondered exactly teenage girls REALLY thought about her, and luckily I have two mini experts. I asked my daughters now 15 and 17 what they thought of Miley Cyrus now. They say saying they enjoy her music and videos. But they felt that she was trying to achieve it in the wrong way saying that Miley claims that “Haterz make her famous”. Well, if that is the case I think she is spot on. People love to hate her. I can admit I watched her video “Wrecking Ball” and was yes, mildly amused, but that is just me. Would I watch it again? No. I am sure more conservative mothers cringe at the site and yes, even I was shaking my head. Oh, Miley…

No, doubt she is still making bank on her over-the-top antics on various shows such as the VMA broadcast and appearances on SNL, again I can confess to enjoying the spoofs that came later on Youtube. Hopefully Miley Cyrus can look back on these years and be proud of her behavior and continue life with choices that are in her best interest. She is definitely doing something right in this trending industry of pop stars and artistic expression, who can keep up with Madonna…I meant Lady Gaga. However she proceeds in life I wish her well and hope that in this path it does not cause more harm than good, and can once again be looked up to for the right reasons and not for exploiting herself needlessly. Anyone who has loved her, still loves her, and being faithful will follow her to the end despite what she does and how she achieves it. Good luck, Miss Cyrus.


By Teidi Bishop

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