LAX Shooter Identified as Paul Ciancia, Local LA Resident [UPDATES]

Shooting @ LAX

Update: Yahoo News:

Thousands of travelers are stranded at LAX while officials sort out the chaos created by the shooting this morning.

Many travelers have been at the airport since this morning before the shooting. Two flights one to New York another to Philadelphia were on delay when 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, an LA resident, pulled an assault rifle from a bag and started shooting TSA agents.

Pennsville, New Jersey police Chief Allen Cummings  said Ciancia’s father called him early Friday afternoon to tell him a sibling of Ciancia’s received text messages from him that talked about suicide.

Mr. Ciancia asked the chief to help him find Paul. The Chief called LA police who sent a car to Paul’s apartment.  Roommates said they saw him Thursday and ”he was fine.”

Cummings said advised Mr. Ciancia he could not file a missing person report due to Paul’s age. He did confirm that his department had no dealings with him.

CNN indicates Ciancia is currently in surgery. Investigators are working on the possibility that he was specifically targeting TSA agents.  He had three magazines of ammunition, one in the gun and two others concealed in his clothing.

Update: CNN reports authorities recovered a letter in Ciancia’s bag ranting against the US government and specifically the TSA. The effort is underway to determine whether or nor Ciancia was part of a known or unknown anti- government group. Searches are being conducted in Los Angels and in New Jersey where he may have family. Authorities are also looking to speak with any friends or acquaintances of Paul Ciancia.

Update: CNN reports TSA agents are not armed and have not requested to be armed.  They have requested the authority to arrest unruly travelers.

He was stopped in the food court beyond the check point where the shooting began by an LAPD officer who shot him three times in the chest.

CNN reports law enforcement has begun questioning passengers according to a witness within the terminal who was trying to catch a flight to New York with his wife when the shooting began this morning.  The witness describes Ciancia as a tall, young white man wearing baggy gray clothes. He said he saw him walking through the terminal when he went back to get his wife’s purse after  they fled the sound of gunfire. The witness said at that time Ciancia was not speaking but he was holding his weapon  and “kind of nonchalantly” strolling through the terminal.

Update: Witnesses report Ciancia asked several people if they were TSA. Search warrants are being executed in Los Angels and New Jersey, both location linked to Ciancia. Any agency breeching these locations will be sending in bomb squad first to clear any possible traps.

It appears Ciancia was specifically targeting TSA agents, and reports indicate he shot at least five of them, killing one.

UPDATE: Ciancia apparently had anti-federal government literature in his possession when he was taken into custody.  He seems to have had some obsession centered on the TSA or LAX.

USA Today reports the name of the LAX terminal 3 shooter is 23-year-old Paul Ciancia. Ciancia has no prior employment history at LAX nor has he ever been employed by TSA.

Experts say Ciancia seemed very “mission oriented” as he walked through the airport shooting. A witness describes him as a tall white man with dirty bone-to-brown hair that seemed to be in a day.

Ciancia shot and killed one TSA agent and wounded at least 2 others.  Ciancia shot his way through the checkpoint and made it as far as the Burger King inside, according to LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon.

Ciancia was shot by an LAPD officer several times in the chest and is currently being treated at an area hospital.

By Brandi Tasby

USA Today

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