Miley Cyrus Has an Older and Hotter Sister Called Brandi

Miley Cyrus has an Older and Hotter Sister BrandiYes, you heard it, the infamous Miley Cyrus has a sister who is older, classier, far more conservative and possibly even hotter than she.  Meet 26 year old Brandi Cyrus, who emerged into the limelight recently at the American Music Awards.

Reportedly onlookers were very impressed with Brandi’s style, which is reminiscent of Miley in those classier, more conservative days of the past.

One blogger was heard to comment that Brandi was someone “Miley should be looking up to both in behavior and fashion.”

Miley and Brandi do look a little bit alike, but it turns out that Brandi is technically her half-sister.  In other words, both sisters have the same mother (Tish Cyrus), but Brandi had a different father.

When Billy Ray Cyrus got together with Tish, he apparently adopted both Brandi and also her younger brother, 24 year old Trace.  Brandi’s biological father was Baxter Neal Helson.

A little later down the line and Tish gave birth, by way of Billy Ray to Miley, who just turned 21, Braison, who is 18 and another daughter, 13 year old Noah.

Miley Cyrus has an Older and Hotter Sister Called Brandi
Miley and Brandi Cyrus at the AMA.

Getting back to Brandi, that older and hotter sister of Miley Cyrus has apparently aspired to become a model and was named the face of an online boutique called Rad + Refined in May 2013.

While modeling for the online boutique, she also describes herself as a musician, a blogger, a songwriter, a designer and a  competitive equestrian. This multi-talented young lady participates in competitive shows on “the A hunter/jumper circuit” apparently.

On the musical side of things, she is part of the musical duo called Frank + Derol and also did a stint as a customer, guitarist and dancer in little sis Miley’s Hannah Montana series.

When Miley was planning to marry Liam Hensworth, before the wedding was called off in September, Brandi was set to be Miley’s maid of honor.

Of interest to note, on IMDb on the main page of her biography, it emphasizes the fact that she is the older sister of Trace Cyrus, and you actually have to click on a link to find out she is also related to sister Miley.

IMBb does say that she has made several appearances in the past.  She was on Piers Morgan Tonight in September 2013 (as herself), starred in The Miley And Mandy Show between 2008 and 2009 and appeared in Miley and Mandy on the Way to the MTV Awards in 2009.

She also featured with dad in Billy Ray Cyrus: Home at Last, was in a video documentary  in 2007, The Real Miley Cyrus and last, but not least, starred as herself on guitar in the TV Movie, Hannah Montana: Live in London.

It turns out that Brandi is also a vlogger, who makes appearances in some videos on the Buzznet YouTube channel.   One of these appearances is included below, so you can get to know her a little bit.

Well, it seems she has been around for quite a while, but most of us have just not been paying attention until now, but now you know that infamous and controversial Miley Cyrus has an older and possibly even hotter sister called Brandi.

By Anne Sewell

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