Miley Cyrus Sets her Fame on Fire

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus sets her fame on fire as she received Best Video Award at the European Music Awards in Amsterdam on Sunday. She reached into her bag to acquire a pre-rolled joint in response to the prize and yet again, Miley shows her age as she undergoes another publicity stunt to promote her celebrity and get people talking about her, which she has previously admitted to when she stated that everything she did was to increase her fan base and lead to people knowing more about her music. Her seemingly desperate attempts to move away from the young and innocent Hannah Montana image, boomerang as she smokes a joint in a professional media environment and claims to be a feminist whilst giving out the impression she is not aware what that really entails.

Miley Cyrus has said she believes there is a “double standard” when it comes to men and women and body image. However her lack of clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination is surely the exact wrong way to go about encouraging feminism and a change in the attitudes towards women. If anything Miley undermines feminism as she portrays herself as a sex symbol, posting suggestive and revealing pictures online for anyone to access. Her recent music video wrecking ball emanated an excessive sexual nature that could have been classed in close proximity to a pornograpic categorization. She also filmed a fake sex tape for Saturday Night Live which  set her fame on fire as she almost completely stripped off. Although she claims her on-stage presence and revealing outfits are all part of her act, they in fact begin to destabilize everything Miley claims to represent whether she intends to or not. This can however, be seen to underline a sense of the star’s vulnerability as opposed to someone who we should pass harsh judgement upon.

Musician Sinead O’Connor, an artist Miley Cyrus had previously said was an inspiration, criticized the 20-year-old in an open letter she wrote to her after seeing her video wrecking ball. She asserted that Miley should not have allowed herself to be “pimped” out by producers and people that do not care about her value intrinsically but only financially. She also agreed with many critics that Miley’s behaviour seemed to counteract her feminist views and was not “in any way an empowerment of yourself or any other young women”. A further condemnation was made by Sir Cliff Richardson who blames the industry for artists like Miley Cyrus who desire controversy and fame,  and who as a result of misplaced care and guidance become damaged. Regardless of her critics Miley still affirms that she feels like one of “the biggest feminists in the world,”  because she is telling women to “not be scared of anything”.

Although Miley publicizes her want for equal political, economic and social rights for women, turning herself into an image of drugs and sex is definitely not the right way to get people on board. Whether Miley’s actions are criticized or loved, it cannot be argued that her presence is a highly distinguished one and her career remains nourished. Cyrus sets her fame on fire by shocking the nation with her actions and firmly anchors her position in the public eye.

By Melissa McDonald




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