Miley Needs a Break

Miley Cyrus needs a breakGive Miley a break.  The day will come when she stops and wonders why.  She needs no prompting, as it shall be a glow in the night experience and most likely random in measure when it happens.  She may be 30 or 35 when she finally wakes up, but it will be for real.  Miley is a smart young woman, expressing herself to the fullest and reaping all the benefits of her talent as she laughs herself to the bank.  That may be so, but Miley needs a break.

Miley needs a break from society.  She has chosen a path outside the pressures of living the fantasy of the Disney princess.  She is not Snow White and rather not be Cinderella, cleaning soot and sweeping.  Miley is up and coming, full of life and vigor as she charts her path around the globe.  A Disney want-a be is not her style.

Miley is tattooed and shaven.  She is demonstrating her power and proud of it.  Her tattoos reflect images and sayings of her beliefs and feelings.  She is 20 years old and allowed to do such things.  Give Miley a break.

Miley is young in years and may appear to the oldsters as a child, but she has earned years of experience.  She has already put in more time than most in the amount of hours on TV.  Her life has virtually doubled as she aged through the teenage phase.  She has put her time in as she has rehearsed, cited lines, performed and sung as a regular televised character.  That time is done, now  on to the new chapter.

The poor girl has been running on fumes for too long.  Her persona has not been her own as she continues to fuel her own fire, reinventing herself with antics and ass-dances.  Breaking off her long time engagement was difficult, but needed.  Leaving the love of your life requires great skill and tact.  Hopelessness seems to wander in as loose ends can not be tied and trusted at times?  Miley needed a break.

Miley has simply acted out in rage and despair.  She has called attention to herself and she sort of likes it.  She is in control of her destiny and her fate will eventually play out in the long run.  No need to worry about this gal, she is in control.

Miley needs a break from family obligations and get-togethers.  She is a goddess, you know, haven’t you heard?  If you have issues, just relax and play your cards right, she might well leave a tidbit in the bank for you!  BTW, Mother Tish is good, as she is Miley’s biggest fan and supporter.

Miley needs a break and she seems to be getting the well deserved one with tantalizing drugs and weed.  It is not unheard of for someone with issues as large as she has, to just escape for the moment and relax.

Miley needs a break much like that was given to the children of Woodstock.  Her music may find new hearts of understanding as she is given the break she needs.  Miley is not the Disney image of perfection or the image of Hannah Montana anymore.  Miley has risen above the stage calls and cue cards.  She has become her own person, and people should just leave it at that and give her a break.


Editorial by Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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