Miss Universe is Venezuelan Beauty Maria Gabriela Isler

Miss Universe is a Venezualan, Maria Gabriela Isler

The winner of the 62nd Miss Universe Pageant is now official, though the show hasn’t yet aired in the USA — Miss Universe is a Venezuelan this year, Maria Gabriela Isler, 25. This gorgeous television news anchor for Venevision was crowned Miss Universe in Moscow, at the Crocus City Hall.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was one of the eight judges. They chose Maria Gabriela Isler from among 86 contestants. The pageant was viewed by millions of people around the world.

At the end of the 62nd Miss Universe Pageant, last year’s Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island, USA, relinquished her Diamond Nexus crown, and placed it on Isler’s head. Isler, who was born in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, had on a gorgeous evening dress that was silver and studded with rhinestones.

Earlier in the show, Olivia Culpo came on stage wearing a swimsuit that was worth $1 million. It was white, and studded with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds.

MSNBC co-host, Thomas Roberts commented that the swimsuit “travels with an armed security guard 24/7.”

Thomas Roberts dedicated the 62nd Miss Universe Pageant to the people in the Philippines who were devastated by a typhoon. The country is still reeling in the aftermath of this tragic natural disaster.

The first part of the competition was the Evening Gown category, and the competitors wore red and black cocktail dresses. During the second part, the Swimsuit category, they all wore bikinis that were also red and black,

The next stage of the pageant followed. The contestants had been narrowed down to the Final 16 most beautiful, from a field of the world’s loveliest women. They competed in another bikini stage, and they carried white fur stoles as they appeared upon the stage for the judges and the world to see.

After this, they were further pared down to just 10 women. They had another Evening Gown competition, and they each wore lovely sequin-covered gowns.

When Russia was eliminated right off the bat, many people in the audience expressed their displeasure by booing loudly.

The crowning of the 5’10” brunette beauty Maria Gabriela Isler as Miss Universe marks the third time in a period of six years that a lady from Venezuela has won this coveted title.

When she was asked during the Interview portion of the pageant what her “biggest fear” was, she replied: “Fear is not negative.We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger.As soon as we overcome our fears we can face any challenge.”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, sent her his congratulations via Twitter, proclaiming her victory as a “triumph for Venezuela.”

Other contestants who were in the Top Ten included competitors from USA, Great Britain, the Dominican Republic, and the Ukraine. India, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Pueto Rico and Costa Rica were some of the other competitors who made it to the Top 16.

The second runner-up was Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez, and the first runner-up was Miss Spain, Patricia Yurena Rodriguez.

Over the next year, the new Miss Universe, Maria Gabriela Isler, will travel to countries around the world, doing her part to represent both the Miss Universe Pageant and organization and a charity of her choosing.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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  1. mvalle (@MVALLE888)   November 9, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    congrats Maria Gabriela and congrats Venezuela, a good news for change, so sorry to her male fans, Gabriela is not single, this is her boyfriend Alberto http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/tv/alberto-figueroa-is-miss-universe-2013-maria-gabriela-islers-boyfriend/


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