New England Patriots-Denver Broncos: What to Expect Tonight

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In the biggest game scheduled tonight, two powerhouse teams collide.

As usual, the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos are always a huge draw for television no matter what team they are playing. But, when they are playing each other? Then that’s a recipe for success. Here are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time playing on two of the National Football League’s best teams. As Sunday Night Football approaches, here are a few things fans of the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos match up can expect tonight.

Peyton Manning will throw for a lot of yards.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as Manning is on pace to break the season record set by Drew Brees for most yards passed in a year. Yes, Manning is a sad 2-9 when playing in New England and 2-7 against Tom Brady. But, he is averaging a staggering 357 yards per game, so don’t expect this number to go down.

The New England Patriots defense will target Manning.

The Patriots’ defense isn’t up to their full potential, with defensive tackle Vince Wilfolk and linebacker Jerod Mayo out indefinitely, corner back Alfonso Dennard scratched for the game, and defensive back Aqib Talib questionable tonight. But that doesn’t mean the Patriots will be feeling weak. Manning is still working with that high ankle sprain that got a little more banged up two weeks ago against the San Diego Chargers. He looked very fluid against the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday night, but teams are highly aware he has an injury.  So expect the New England Patriots defense to go after him as much as they can.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will connect for a touchdown.

The quarterback and tight end are a perfect match, with Gronkowski notching 40 touchdowns for Brady since he was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010. Gronk was out for the beginning of the season for surgery on his arm, but since he came back in week 7 against the Jets, he has been strong, going for 24 receptions and 343 yards.

The Patriots and Broncos’ kickers will get a lot of time on the field.

The Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski and the Broncos’ Matt Prater will definitely be on the field more than normal. After all, the Patriots and Broncos are 14th and 2nd in points scored, respectively. This game will just up the ante, whether they are kicking field goals or extra points off of touchdowns.

Gillette Stadium will be even in fan base.

Yes, the Patriots stadium is a very formidable place, with the Patriots going 25-3 since 2010. But, at the same time, the Broncos fans will definitely be there to cheer them on. These tickets were definitely snatched up as soon as the schedule was released earlier this year. Look for the stadium to be near divided, with probably about 55 percent Patriots fans.

So the Patriots-Broncos matchup tonight will be exciting, thrilling, and something one should not miss. Also, what can be expected tonight? The final score will not be too high, but the Broncos will come out on top, 30-27.

By Renayle Fink

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