Nicki Minaj Shocks and Horrifies With Latest Outfit


Nicki Minaj Shocks and Horrifies With Latest Outfit

Nicki Minaj shocks and horrifies her fans with her latest outfit. She donned plain black duct-tape looking nipple pasties, thigh high leather boots, a leather thong, fishnet stockings and…zzzzzz. Wha?? What happened? Oh sorry. I fell asleep during the description of Nicki Minaj’s Halloween attire. This is because the most shocking thing about her latest outfit is how deadly predictable it is. Sure, it’s sexy (ish) and she’s a lovely girl (I suppose,) but really, who cares?

Isn’t this the same old, same old? We’ve come to expect pseudo-nudity from all of the young, kind-of-beautiful-but-not-quite pop stars of late. After all, we’re treated to Miley Cryrus’ nearly naked nether regions and totally naked breasts on an almost daily basis.


You know what would be really shocking? What if Nicki Minaj dressed up as Ophelia? What if she went to the latest Hollywood VIP party as Daisy Miller? Now that would be something to see. Unfortunately, who knows just how many of her young fans have any idea about who these two aforementioned literary characters are? It would be a safe bet to say not many.

For this is the fodder we have all come to expect from today’s musical artists, who feel absolutely compelled to sell their bodies as well as their music in order to make a living. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that sex sells and that these ladies are taking advantage of that fact, but it all becomes dreadfully dull after a while.

In the same way a surgeon becomes immune to the effects of viewing a person’s entrails and a mortician becomes immune to the sight of disembodied corpses, so will we as a society become one day immune to seeing Nicki Minaj’s boobs and Miley Cyrus’ hoo ha.

The human brain can only be shocked by the same thing for so long. It’s the reason why that extreme rush of serotonin and other “feel good” brain chemicals die down after seeing the same person day in and day out for 15 years. On day number 5,476 of being with your partner, it’s less “ohmygoshheissohot” and more “did you fix the d*** roof like I asked you?!” It’s also the same reason why we’ve become almost immune to shootings in this country. Repetition reduces shock and familiarity breeds contempt.

Oh, and of course Nicki Minaj is taking a selfie, and she’s almost making the dreaded “fish face,” but not quite. On the back of her phone is a picture of… her! What else? She is the epitome of modern self-obsessed and mindless narcissism, and a perfect reflection of today’s youth, who wouldn’t understand any costume other than the one she is wearing.

It’s just all getting to be so darned humdrum. Can’t we see something different? Something totally fresh and interesting? It’s too bad she can’t shock and horrify fans by dressing as an obscure 17th century English queen or something. After all, in an outfit like that she could still show off her bosoms.

An Editorial By: Rebecca Savastio


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