Obesity: Is Fat the New Skinny?

Do more men like the extra curves?

Obesity Misinterpreted


Looking at my Facebook feed I see more men (and women) posting comments about curviness and re-posting photos of said curves, but is it supporting obesity or self-confidence? More and more we are finding that obesity can be seen as accepted as a form of being skinny as far as style, fashion, and acceptance in society goes. It seems that both sexes find it more acceptable to pack around a few more pounds in defiance to the seemingly anorexic models that have graced opinions of beauty throughout history.

As common as obesity is in our daily culture and the more acceptable it is what it boils down to is health and genetic factors. Obesity can lead to shorter life spans as well as multiple health factors such as diabetes, heart disease, and can contribute to some cancers. And lucky us there is a very specific way to measure obesity with a body mass index.

Once upon a time it was considered a sign of wealth and prosperity if your wife or spouse was sporting extra pounds. Not so much anymore, America is amongst one of the leading countries in obesity. Our culture is saturated with a market geared towards pleasing the taste buds of youth and pandering to parents who need a quick meal on the way to soccer practice, easily contributing to the obesity trend. The fast food industry as well as school cafeterias, have been slow to back pedal their change of menus adjusting to more acceptable “diets”.

How has obesity affected me personally? I was once “thin” weighing in at 128 and wearing a size eight, I thought I was fat then. Looking back now that I have put on a lot of weight after kids and falling into that quick fast food fix, I was wish I was that “fat” again. Oh yes, I have tried diets and exercise and have had success in losing unwanted weight. I have always been uncomfortable in my skin but despite that fact, I have found that it is more common for me to find men that accept my figure and find me beautiful. Women as well are becoming more comfortable with their obesity and flaunt it proudly, accepting themselves and the men that love them unconditionally.

More often than not we measure ourselves not by a scale but with self confidence and acceptance for our own self worth. The clothing industry stepping up to fitting stylish jeans that fit said curves making us feel sexy as we don them to the night club to lingerie that give women support in all the needed areas. As fashion for the curvy women grows so does the opinion of females, protesting the ideals of being skinny as the equivalent to being pretty or beautiful. Popular media even being touted for “fluffy” models or celebrities who sport a few extra pounds on their magazine covers as being unappealing to the thinner female population to being rooted for finally realizing that yes, fat is indeed considered beautiful and acceptable to more men and women in today’s society. And most of my Facebook does indeed sport support for the busty fat bottom girls that “make the rockin’ world go ’round” I am going to continue to make myself healthier for myself. I am not expecting to being be my previous status of “fat” but at least I can feel better about myself…and my few extra curves… and the men who love me.


By Teidi Bishop

2 Responses to "Obesity: Is Fat the New Skinny?"

  1. Jim   January 2, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Fat’s fat and it ain’t pretty.

  2. Harry Minot   November 3, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Well, if everthing happens for a reason (even if the reason isn’t immediately apparent), then the increase in so-called “obesity” (I prefer the term “fatness”, myself) will eventually be understood. And I won’t be at all surprised if it turns out to convey an actual benefit. And, darn it, I miss my own personal fatness. I really do. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-968195


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