Paramus Mall on Lockdown After Shots Fired

Gunman is unaccounted for

Police: Indiana Elementary School on Lockdown After Shots Reported Fired

CNN reports that gunshots have been fired inside a mall in Paramus New Jersey. A gunman wearing all black motorcycle gear fired six or seven shots inside the Westfield Garden State Plaza mall, according to eyewitness reports. Mall customers were forced outside of the mall after the shots were heard, and police were in the process of going store to store to look for the gunman who may still be inside. The gunman was reported to have been carrying an assault rifle. Mall employees reportedly told eyewitnesses, “get out or you’ll die.”

One eyewitness on the scene told CBS News, “I saw him walk past our door, and he paused for a second and just looked inside the store, and he fired two more. He was all dressed in black from head to two with a helmet – I would say with a motorcycle helmet. I just froze. I didn’t want to run, because he might maybe come after me. I just stood there.”

The mall sits right next to Manhattan. There were no immediate reports of injuries available.

CBS News


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