Philippines Helped by Voting and Downloads on X Factor


The Philippines is helped by the Voting and Downloads on tonight’s X Factor. Simon Cowell has tweeted information that tonight the X Factor has backed up The Sun’s campaign for the Philippines appeal and that the profits from voting and downloads will go towards decappeal.

DEC stands for the disasters emergency committee appeal and the decappeal is the new campaign to help gain aid and provide food, water and shelter for the reconstruction of the Philippines. They have an official website for people to give donations and also a page on twitter for anyone wanting to be involved. Cowell also states that those who are not watching the program can still get involved by texting DEC to 70000 and donating £5 to the Philippines campaign.

ITV have agreed that a minimum of 50 pence from every downloaded track from tonight’s performances will go towards the typhoon appeal. They have also agreed to donate 15 pence of the money that goes to the votes for contestants on X Factor.

There are 14 contestants remaining in the finals so Cowell urges people not to hold back on the voting tonight so that proceeds can go towards a charitable cause for the Philippines. He acknowledges the devastation in the Philippines and that the country are desperate to receive as much help as can be sought. Which is why the X Factor have responded to lend a hand with such a gesture.

The Philippines are struggling to rebuild and recover from the detrimental effects of the Typhoon. Survivors have begun attempting to rebuild homes and an increase in emergency supplies have been offered as UN doubled its estimations of people that have been made homeless. Reports have shown that figures have reached nearly 2 million people.

The destruction is no where near to being mended and can momentarily only be tackled extremely slowly even with profuse sweat from all the efforts being injected , which is exactly what the survivors of the Philippines dread. There are still thousands missing, including many children and the confirmed dead toll has soared to 3,621 people.

The Philippines natural disaster has spanned onto such a large scale that although it did not reach us physically, emotionally as human beings we can empathize with the survivors. Having your entire livelihood taken away so unexpectedly and losing close family and friends can only be the most haunting experience. The survivors will never truly recover from this disaster and its crippling effects. However optimistically, people will get voting and downloading tonight in order to raise money and it will help to piece together a truly shattered Philippines.

Simon Cowell thanks ITV and the X Factor team hugely for their assistance in raising money for the survivors of Typhoon Hyad. Helping the Philippines through voting and downloads on tonight’s X Factor will hopefully raise plenty of money as they reach out to their 12 million viewers. With any luck, the new tweet from Simon Cowell will influence those viewers who wouldn’t normally vote to vote and maybe even vote twice! And also get viewers downloading their favourite songs.

By Melissa McDonald