PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: Cashing in on Old Consoles

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: Cashing In on Old Consoles

With the releasing of the next generation of consoles in Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, this means they are all around, so individuals should know that right now they can cash in on their old PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game systems.

So for most individuals who went out and purchased an “upgrade” so to speak, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are already on the “out list”. However, before anyone else goes shopping for a new PS4 or an Xbox One, how about trying to get some money back for those former purchases. That is as long as someone is not really concerned about being able to play those older games. If so, then in that case, it would be a wise choice to hang on to the older consoles at least for a while.

There are numerous stores and websites that want to buy Xbox 360s and/or PS3s. These places will pay a person with either credit or cash. The price ranges vary depending on what condition the console is in and how much storage capacity it holds. If an individual receives $40 he or she could possibly be on their way to getting a new game. Be forewarned, anyone that does decide to sell their old PS3’s and Xbox 360’s needs to remember to reformat the console before selling it. This way, all personal information is removed and any new owners will not have access to the previous  credit card information and/or passwords.

When the individual is set to sell this old console, he or she must find out where the best places are to sell their PS3 and/or Xbox 360 game systems. It may be wise to first look at the booklet Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Upcoming Consoles Compared. This guide is extremely helpful to people who are not really deep gamers. However, if an individual is just unsure what to charge, it is definitely worth the price to pick up and read PS4 or Xbox One: Which Game Console Is Best for Non-Gamers?

Now on to the companies that are interested in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles:

The company Usell wants the model, condition and brand of the console being sold. That is the only information they ask for to get people receiving offers from its various partners. Individuals just pick one, have a shipping kit sent to them, pack their system in the box and wait to receive their money either from a check or PayPal account.

If a person goes to buymytronics, he or she picks the model they own, and decides its condition and components. They will receive a price quote and if it is acceptable, the seller can either print out a label or wait for a shipping kit to come in the mail for their console. After around seven days, money is received from either choice of PayPal or a check.

At NextWorth, a person gets a quote, and then prints out a prepaid shipping label. The individual next packs up either the PS3 or the Xbox. Again in around a week the individual will get back payment, this time either in the form of a Target gift card, Discover prepaid card, Target gift card,  PayPal or check.


By Kimberly Ruble

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