Philippines Victims Benefit From Beckham Charity Clothing Sale

Philippines Victims Benefit From Beckham Charity Clothing SaleAs several countries worldwide are drumming up financial and other benefits for the victims in the Philippines after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, power couple David and Victoria Beckham are holding a massive charity clothing sale.  Their fans, naturally, are acting like it’s Black Friday already.

It is not 100 percent sure if they were inspired by Kim Kardashian and her recent Ebay activities.  You know, she of the whole 10 percent of the proceeds donation to the Philippines thing.  Inspiration or not,  the Beckhams are really getting into the whole charity action.

The Beckhams got stuck in, turning out the cupboards and raiding their closets, ending up with about 20 boxes of clothing and shoes to donate to the British Red Cross to raise money for the disaster victims.

While the image above might infer that they actually sold everything, you can be pretty certain they still have a few loaded closets left.

According to a Twitpic from Victoria, there was even a truckload of shoes on offer, to which she tweeted “Big clear out of my shoes, on sale tomorrow in aid of @BritishRedCross #ShopDrop”

Now it seems the fashionable couple have started a whole shopping frenzy in the UK, with rack after rack of designer clothing and all the fancy footwear on offer.  The Philippines is set to benefit from the Beckham clothing sale, and the charity drive will definitely help the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

The sale was done at reasonable prices by the British Red Cross at a charity shop in London.  Teeming hordes of fans and fashionistas were queuing all the way down the street in the freezing cold from the early hours of the morning. Everyone was hoping for a chance to buy something once worn by the former Posh Spice or the famous footballer.

Philippines Victims Benefit From Beckham Charity Clothing Sale
Shoppers queuing right down the street for the Red Cross shop to open.

To try and keep the crowds under control, the shop only allowed 50 people in at a time, for a maximum 15 minutes and each person was only allowed to buy just one item.

 The quality wasn’t to be sneezed at either, with items reportedly from Cavalli,  Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, among many others, in the piles of celebrity-discarded fashion wear.
Philippines Victims Benefit From Beckham Charity Clothing Sale
A happy shopper who bought his lady friend a pair of Posh’s shoes.

However, a little less in the charitable feeling of things, several of the sold items appeared on Ebay later in the day, but this time at much higher prices and purely for profit.  One tuxedo worn by David Beckham at an award ceremony was on offer for £300 ($486), which was reportedly three times the price paid at the Red Cross shop.

Another offer was a Gucci shirt which they claim was “owned and worn by David Beckham,” on offer for a whole £99 ($160.25) although it is unknown how much the seller paid for it.

Philippines Benefits From Beckham Family Clothing Sale
Items donated by the Beckhams were then sold for much more on Ebay.

Other examples on Ebay were a pair of Beckham’s trainers as well as some of Victoria’s Dolce & Gabbana footwear, all still on offer right now at inflated prices.

There’s always some unscrupulous person out there wanting to make a few extra bucks on the side, it seems, in the wake of the tragedy that has unfolded in the Philippines.

One thing is for sure, Ms Kardashian could learn a lot from the Beckham’s generous offer as 100 percent of the proceeds went to benefit those suffering from the typhoon in the Philipppines.  Not just a mere and paltry 10 percent.

Despite the rather dodgy entrepreneurs making a profit, it is good to know that the victims in the Philippines are set to benefit from the sale of genuine Beckham clothing and from the charity of others.

By Anne Sewell



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