Photoshop Yourself: Abracadabra [Video]

Photoshop [Video]
Photoshop [Video]

Photoshop is the name of the game in advertising now.  Gone are the days of fancy camera lenses, proper lighting, re-takes and re-touching.  Models are airbrushed to perfection with the amazing tool of Adobe Photoshop and transformed from a Plain Jane into a pretty hot babe.  Sally Gifford Piper and her husband Tim recently undertook the challenge and by the end of the day, Tim had a new wife.

Photoshop [Video]The couple embarked on the project Body Revolution in hopes of bringing awareness to natural beauty versus digital altering of a normal photograph.  Tim Piper is a writer and director of television commercials and also produced the Dove Evolution which focuses on the same topic.  He recruited his lovely wife Sally to participate as the model.  The results were startling.  All Sally had to do was to pose in one position as the magic clicks of the mouse waved the wand of wonderment and tricks.  Abracadabra!  Photoshop performed beautifully as Sally’s image was fashioned into an ideal shape, size, and color with a goddess like outcome.  See for yourself how it all happened:

Photoshop can take a mildly attractive person and turn them into a magnificent, majestic work of art.  The ugly opposite can easily be done quite nicely as well.  Anything can be changed digitally to emphasize features, change shapes and colors, add or subtract breasts, curves and curls.  The program is used on a daily business in the world of advertising, science research, illustration and even forensics.  The results can be extremely believable and gullible minds usually do not notice the difference.  Scams and jokes have plagued social media sites with fake photos, as what is real and what is not becomes difficult to discern.

Photoshop could go against truth in advertising if the public would pursue the delusion.  The Pipers hope to create a following of onlookers as they promote inner beauty instead of manufactured idealism.  The standard of perfection is tough to live up to with the constant barrage of gorgeous, seemingly flawless celebrities.  From pearly white teeth to every hair in place, the final picture is worth a thousand words – or  a thousand clicks of the mouse.

Imagine a teenage girl who is approached for a modeling job.  To think they are worthy of a camera shoot that could propel them into the spotlight is often a dream come true.  The photographer and technician only have to doctor up the photo to achieve their desired outcome.  The chosen model simply serves as a silhouette on the drawing board as the fantasy is born.

The old adage of guys don’t make passes with girls that have glasses, is no problem.  Glasses can also be removed with Photoshop, along with warts, moles and freckles.  It is simply breathtaking at times and very bizarre.  In real life, living up to the perfect standard of beauty is unrealistic.  It is not healthy or practical.  If one wants to look perfect, they can just alter themselves to look adoring in the eyes of the on-line suitor or long lost friend.  It can be a fun trick for awhile, but deceiving when the truth is revealed.

Trick photography and special effects have been around for a long time in the movies.  Now graduation, wedding and vacation pictures can take on that extra dimension of excitement with Photoshop.  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to  behold inner beauty may be the real trick within the big picture.


Editorial by Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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