Police in Rosenberg,Texas Nab Brother Burglars Thanks to Facebook

Police Department Gets Cheered by Public

policePolice in Rosenberg, Texas, nabbed two brothers for burglary thanks to the wide reach of Facebook.

Damian and Rolando Lozano were suspected of 17 car break-ins in one area Sunday, Nov. 17. Damian was arrested but Rolando was still on the loose.

When the Rosenberg Police Department couldn’t find Rolando, they posted photos of the two brothers on Facebook page, reaching out to the public about Rolando and asking anyone to contact their police department if they saw Rolando.

Who replied to that Facebook post? None other than Rolando Lozano himself. He reportedly replied: “f**k all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if you can muthasuckas.” Within five minutes of Rolando’s post, the Rosenberg police caught him at a relative’s home.

Shortly after Rolando’s arrest, the Rosenberg Police Department replied to Rolando’s reply, saying, “Rolando Lozano…we caught you five minutes after you posted this… Thank you to the community for your help!!!” Not only that, but they posted a snapshot of Rolando’s arrest.

Naked Security, a computer security website from Sophos, says the Rosenberg Police Department “has the best Facebook page I’ve ever seen,” calling them “a cheery bunch.” One look at their page definitely shows they have a sense of humor—and heart. In one post, the police department posted a photo of an elderly man taking his elderly female dog for a walk in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk anymore. Can we all saw, Awww?

Other Dumb Burglar Stories

On Nov. 21, a Florida man stuffs 13 liquor bottles down his pants in an attempt to steal them from a Costco store. Don’t people know Costco has security cameras?

In Hull, North East England, a would-be burglar got stuck in a bathroom window after breaking in and asked the homeowner to call the police to extricate him. He was stuck in the window for over an hour before the homeowner saw him. Did the homeowner kick him in the head? That would’ve made this story even more interesting.

In Mesa, Ariz., a man attempted to steal a bottle of wine from a convenience store and attacked the store owners and a police officer when they approached him in the parking lot. Did he really think he was going to get away with it?

A New York City teenager obtained breast implants with a fake ID and credit card. She must’ve really wanted those implants.

Somewhere in the UK, a burglar took a picture of himself with his female victim’s mobile phone camera. The victim, Susan, was reportedly in the shower when he took the picture.

A Florida man who wanted discounted doughnuts posed as a police officer at Dunkin’ Donuts. The man attempted this not once, but twice.

A burglar attempted to enter a home through the chimney, but got stuck. The burglar’s friend had to call the police after the burglar couldn’t be extricated. Clever!

In Cardiff, UK, a burglar who had been evading authorities for seven years was finally caught after his picture appeared in the local newspaper for a wedding contest. You can never let your guard down too easy, would-be burglars.

By Juana Poareo

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